Strawberry Fever

In case you’re wondering the depths to which I travel when I’m working on a new outfit for Burning Man, here is a visual:

Dress (Amazon – $23.99)

Wedge heels (Amazon – $54.99)

Beret (Amazon – $21.99)

Strawberry appliqués (Etsy – $1.35/5)

Strawberry pendant (Etsy – $22.90)

Gold necklace (Etsy – $20.00)

Earrings (ebay – $40.00)

Bag (Amazon – $20.99)

Wallet (Amazon – $25.99)

Charm (Amazon – $7.99)

Strawberry nails (Etsy – $25.00)

Pink heart sunglasses (Birdy Grey – $6.00)

Strawberry enamel bracelet (Ali Express – $14.14)

Apparently this dress has its own following on TikTok, all you need to do is search for “Strawberry Dress” and it pops up all over.

I’m not much of a pink person but since this dress sang to me (and many many others) I decided to buy it and accessorize it.

But now you don’t have to choose between your inner pink princess and your dark goth tendencies because they make the dress in BLACK now:

Isn’t it beautiful in black too?