Love is not cancelled

Today I took my blood pressure.

I was feeling a little lightheaded and I could feel my blood pounding in my head.

No surprise, it was a little high and my pulse was racing.

I know it’s because of everything that’s going on right now with my family and our nation.

There’s a lot on my plate and I’m struggling to maintain my mental health, along with so many other Americans.

I did not vote for Donald Trump.

I endured his presidency because he was elected to the Office of the President.

And I would’ve survived another four years of Trump’s presidency had he won again.

I have friends and family who support Trump and I refuse to demonize them or lump them in with the insurrectionists at the Capitol last Wednesday just because they see the world differently than I do.

They too wish for a united America.

I’m hoping as the weeks pass that this nation will begin to heal itself from the rift that has developed in our two-party system.

I am hopeful that in the end, gentler more peaceful times will be upon us.

Love is not cancelled.

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