A party!

I’m so excited I could just burst!

It’s way off in June so there’s gonna be a little waiting between now and then but still, there’s something on the books.

Now I just need to be sure I’ve been vaccinated.

A friend sent out a Save The Date for June 5th.

Burner attire is encouraged.

Which means I can wear my strawberry outfit or my electric blue velvet jumpsuit outfit.

I’m leaning toward the electric blue velvet jumpsuit because I’m so in love with the blinged out bag.

3 thoughts on “Paaaaaarty!

      • Night would be stunning with that outfit. Especially if you have on shiny bits to reflect, too! You have taught me a LOT about glitter and gick, so most of my shiny is in baubles or on fabric. Although, even some of that has glitter that falls off!!!! (my sewing machine still has glitter in it from a costume made in 2005!)

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