Sense and Sensibility

Perhaps Bridgerton influenced this new trend but I’m seeing a lot of corsets worn over shirts for style.

Quite frankly, I love the look but I’m wary of the style.

First of all, corsets are remarkably uncomfortable.

Secondly, wearing UNDERWEAR as OUTERWEAR can only serve to make me look bulkier, and I’m not down for that.

However, I fell in love with this look from Instagram with a woman in black leather leggings and a leopard printed corset top.

I know, I know.

Too bad there’s no picture of it from the front, but I love the idea of wearing black faux leather leggings with a corset top and heels.

Faux leather leggings are easy to find but the corset top has proved a lot harder to find.

There’s this:

And this:

But then, oh yeah, I came across this and it STOLE MY HEART:

What a shame I can’t afford spending $2,500 on a corset top!

We’ll see if this takes shape into an outfit or not.

It does occur to me that being 47 and wearing faux leather leggings and a corset top might not be the best fashion sense, but when have I ever been sensible when it comes to style?