Spanx you very much

With all the planning and purchasing and designing that went in to my Strawberry Dress would you be surprised to learn that I have every last detail of the outfit ironed out EXCEPT the dress?!

That’s right!

I have a strawberry hat, a strawberry necklace, strawberry earrings, strawberry shoes, strawberry purse, strawberry wallet, strawberry bag charm, and strawberry nails BUT I HAVE NO DRESS!

It’s not for lack of trying.

I’ve bought three strawberry dresses.

The first two were just a bit too tight.

So I finally found a source with larger sizes.

But it has yet to arrive.

In the meantime, I received a strawberry bikini in the mail.

Size 2XL.

But I’m afraid that size 2XL in this bikini is a size 8 in the USA and I am more voluptuous than that.

So I have two strawberry dresses and one strawberry bikini that need to be returned.

I’ve decided that the strawberry bikini is completely unnecessary and I wonder what prompted me to buy it in the first place.

Mama don’t need no size 8 bikini for under her strawberry dress, no!

Mama needs SPANX!