Make an offer

A real conversation I had:

Him:  Hey are you still interested in meeting up or should I delete your contact?  LOL

Me:  Depends.

Him:  On what?

Me:  You still married?

Him:  Yeah but it’s open like I said she is bi if that interests you.  I can provide a permission slip.  LMAO

Me:  I suppose you can delete me then.  Best wishes to you.

Him:  Oh man I’m kinda bummed to hear that.


When are men going to get a clue?

A dead end is a dead end and I’m not about to waste my precious time on this earth playing second, third, or maybe even fourth fiddle to someone else.

Like most women, I learned the hard way that most married-but-open men aren’t really open.

Covid has taken away my patience for their bullshit.

No matter how sexy a wife they come with.

The truth is I have more than enough friends with benefits to keep me happy.

That’s not what I’m looking for.

Offer me something I don’t already have.

That’s what I’m looking for.

And until I find it, it’s hard to settle.