Lucky Bloke

I have a twenty one year old son.

Besides knowing everything, riding motorcycles, and being a model citizen, he likes to date young women his age.

I’ve informed him I have no problem with him making a baby because I’d relish being a grandmother and I worry about him riding motorcycles.

I’ve made it clear HE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for his children.

But because he was a teenager when his cousins were little, my son has grown up knowing how much work goes into raising kids.

And he’s not interested.


Instead, he comes to me and takes my condoms.

I always keep a hefty supply in my Burning Man toiletries tote.

Because you never know when someone will need one.

It’s a Burning Man philosophy to “be prepared.”

Anyway, I’m happy to let you know that the other day, my son came in and took my last few condoms from my supply.

So I hopped on over to Lucky Bloke and bought two dozen condoms in a sampler pack.

I have loved Lucky Bloke FOREVER.

Who else is ingenious enough to offer lube samplers AND condom samplers?

My inner nymph is overjoyed.

Now if only I got the chance to USE them. . .