The Last of the Costumes

My strawberry dress FINALLY arrived!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here and NOW IT’S HERE!

I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m so excited.

Finally, a strawberry dress that fits.

There’s one teensy tiny problem, however.

It’s virtually see-through.


See-through clothing is fine for Burning Man and the like but not so great for day-to-day wear.

Therefore I MUST buy a pink slip to go under the dress.

No big deal.

The royal blue hat and heels arrived as well.

Sadly, I think the shoes will not work.

They hobble me in minutes.

So I bought a pair of the much sought after Penny Loves Kenney electric blue velvet heels:

I’ve sworn to Nadine that I’m going to use my funds for investments and not costumes anymore, so we’ll see how many costumes I put together for 2021 – could be not many at all.

But I’m still scrolling though Pinterest looking for inspiration.

Lately, I’ve been impressed with some styles for men:

But I’ve been looking at a few designs for women which appeal to me, most notably THESE braids and a foam wig:

But since Burning Man 2021 is a long way off, I’m just perusing the web for costumes but INVESTING my money in stock.

Nadine will be so proud!