How hard can it be?

I’ve decided it’s foolish to PAY someone $160 to make paint splattered, deconstructed denim overalls for me.

I’m going to DIY it!

Here’s a pair of cheap overalls:

I imagine all I need to do is take some permanent fabric paint and splatter the surface of the overalls with the paint.

Maybe I can talk a friend into doing it with me so I have moral support.

Then we could have matchy-matchy outfits.

Two chicks in painted overalls!

The only downside to this is that by my calculations, the paint is $65 (15 colors @ 16 oz) and the overalls are $40, although I can probably find a cheaper pair.

So there’s not much wiggle room to save money.

Nevertheless, I am resilient and determined to make my paint splatter overalls happen.

How hard can it be?

3 thoughts on “How hard can it be?

  1. Apple barrel paints are great for fabric and can often be purchased for 99 cents each or less. Wall paint is also useful for cloth and you can purchase mis tints in gallons at paint stores. If you put paint on sponges and throw them at the fabric, it makes for great splat shapes. Wash inside out. The little bottles are more spendy and have a shorter shelf life. Dry hanging outside or someplace where it won’t crumple up and stick to itself. Although, am pretty sure there are a lot of tutorials online for this, it is something I’ve done before! lol

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