Mikayla made me buy it

I’ve taken to wearing fake eyelashes.

Let me explain.

Originally, I got lash extensions, because they look divine and are relatively inexpensive (~$40 per refill).

I stopped getting lash extensions because they hurt my eyes and I missed washing my face and getting my face wet in the shower – two things which decrease the amount of time the lashes will last.

Here I am with lash extensions at SoulFire in 2015:

Ultimately, I removed them and I’ve been okay wearing just mascara on my own lashes.

I prefer this mascara to all others:

Although it’s an extra step when I get ready, I’m glad to be able to wash my face and step into a shower without worrying my lashes will fall out.

But recently, my opinion of fake lashes changed.

What changed it for me is that I got a TikTok account and found Mikayla Nogueira beauty videos.

Mikayla is a cool chick from Massachusetts who has an awesome accent to match (love it!).

She puts up fresh beauty content every day and has some OUTRAGEOUS looks which I would never wear outside but which are quite entertaining and works of art.

I’ve noticed that everything looks strange and unbalanced until she pops on a pair of false eyelashes, then BOOM!

The whole look comes together.

So I’ve been buying fake eyelashes to wear myself.

I happen to love these “corner lashes” which are a half-lash and give the appearance of a foxy eye.

Now I’m no Mikayla, so the learning curve to putting on lashes is pretty steep.

I’ve discovered looking down while popping on a lash from above works best.

There’s also MAGNETIC eyelashes, which cost a small fortune but pop on and off super easy!

I’ve purchased other products, based on Mikayla’s recommendation.

P. Louise eyeshadow base for one.

A hyaluronic acid eye gel, for another.

Which is why I’m calling this post “Mikayla made me buy it.”

Who knew this 47 year old administrator from California would find such a kindred spirit in a feisty, 4’11” twenty-something beauty guru and self-proclaimed Masshole (an asshole from Massachusetts)?

But there you have it.

You can check out Mikayla online via Instagram here or TikTok here.

Your pocketbook with HATE you for it!

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  1. I used fake lashes the first time I went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Put them on in relative darkness and made a HUGE mess. Looked like my eye was blackened from the glue I used!! But, it fit the motif of the show and came off with a bit of the coconut oil I used with essential oils. They were great fun!

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