Lumberjack is a Lumberjill

I wrote this post a month ago after I saw this TikTok video and had what you might call a lesbian awakening*:


I called up Tejas with a very important question to ask him.

Me:  Tejas do you think I might be gay?

Tejas:  [laughing]

Me:  I’m serious.  Have I ever given off a gay vibe to you?  Have you ever once thought, ‘Michelle might be gay?’

Tejas:  There was the one time you got kissed by a woman on the playa. . .

Me:  I’ll explain.  Lately, I’ve felt so lackluster about men.  I’m wondering is it because I’m gay?

Tejas:  No. You’re not gay.  You’re one of those women who appreciates men more than others.  You prefer the company of men to women.  Tell me how many girlfriends do you have?

Me:  Plenty.  There’s Barbara.  And Michelle.  And my sister.  And my cousin Jennifer.

Tejas:  But none of those are romantic relationships.

Me:  No.  I’m just wondering if it’s possible for women to begin to look more appealing.

Tejas:  But you like masculine men.

Me:  I’ve met some pretty ‘masculine’ women.

I’m not making light of the LGBTQ experience, which I am fully immersed in as the parent of an LGBTQ child.

I’m genuinely questioning my own direction when it comes to pursuing relationships.

I just haven’t had much luck with men.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been mainstreamed into believing in my own heterosexuality.

I spend all my time dating men when I should be relaxing the entrance criteria.

As Tejas pointed out, it’s not like I don’t have the opportunity to go ahead and check it out for myself.

Maybe the reason I haven’t found my lumberjack is that she’s a lumberjill.


*Note:  After I saw THIS VIDEO, I’ve since decided that I’m pretty straight.  But kudos to women for being so. damn. sexy.

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