Sight to see

Maybe I won’t do Tank Girl meets Ariana Grande.

They are too diametrically opposed and adding a long ponytail does not an Ariana Grande make.

Ariana is feminine in a flirty way whereas Tank Girl is more androgynous and sexy in a badass way.

I’ve decided that I’m just going with Tank Girl.

Today I got the camo pants in the mail.

I purchased a Tank Girl pin:

And a Tank Girl belt buckle which I’ll add to an orange belt:

And yes, I bought the star bikini top because it was on deep discount on Etsy and because I know it’ll make an impression:

I also got a trapper hat:

Today, I pulled all the parts of the outfit together using a black vinyl bikini top, and this is what I was able to get a picture of:

Now, all I have to add are my black boots and some military-esque pins and perhaps a bandolier of booze, like this one, but filled with itty bitty bottles of single-serve booze:

Won’t I be a sight to see?!