Tulle know me is Tulle love me

I’ve been searching Pinterest for inspiration for Burning Man 2021 outfits.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m attracted to colorful tulle skirts.

This rainbow tulle skirt is awfully cute:

As is this pink and orange number which is so cute:

But sadly, although tulle is very pretty, a full blown skirt made out of the materials is unlikely to be very practical at Burning Man.

But do I have a sad face?



Because I found this little feather shorts set which also can’t be worn on the playa (feathers too often become MOOP):

But it did inspire me to locate hot pants with a little tulle bustle:

So perhaps I’ll work on an Ariana Grande costume using my long ponytail AND the tulle shorts!

Perfect for the hot weather at Burning Man.