Rainbow shorts

While looking for custom tie dye shorts, I came across this lovely pair of custom painted shorts with the word “GODDESS” on the back:

Interestingly enough, this is a pseudo playa name I use on account of some people find my other playa name triggering.

I don’t advertise it, nor do I ask people I use it.

It’s just certain people who choose to use it instead of my real playa name.

I love these shorts but sadly they are not available in my size (story of my life).

So I decided to pursue getting custom made tie dye jean shorts.

I found a pair of white tattered jean shorts online at Missguided for super cheap AND on sale:

Now all I need to do is find someone skilled at tie dye who can make them into RAINBOW shorts for me!

I’m loving these designs from etsy:

I could try to tie dye them myself, but I’ve only tie dyed clothing a few times and both times the results were a little muddled.

So I’ve questioned the Hive Mind (via a FB Recommendations post) and I have two people who can possibly help me create the perfect custom rainbow tie dyed shorts for me!