Like a blister in the sun

I’m renowned for wearing flip flops ALL THE TIME.


I remember slinging frozen turkeys wearing flip flops in the rain at Avaya Stadium during a food bank giveaway for Thanksgiving.

It wasn’t the best thing to do.

But when I wear shoes, I get blisters on my heels, so I opt to wear backless shoes.

A friend has commented on how bad it is for my feet to be wearing flip flops all the time.

So today, I put on a pair of white sneakers and we attempted to go for a hike in a nearby park.

A quarter of a mile in, as predicted, I developed a blister and it popped.

I had to return to home base immediately with the back of my shoes squished, like a flat tire.

Some people think that all I need to do is wear real shoes more often and break them in so they don’t give me blisters.

But that’s a steep hill to climb when it’s your heels getting blistered.

Nevertheless, I will attempt to wear shoes more.

I have a whole closet FILLED with shoes of every variety.

And (don’t tell my friend) but I was wearing a pair of bright-white, never-been-worn sneakers which weren’t meant for hiking.

They weight about a pound each and had I not gotten a blister, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it much farther with all that weight to carry at the end of my leg.

Le sigh.