Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

I’ve been watching car shows on TV lately and I have to admit, they’re not bad.

There’s the women-run car show called All Girls Garage which showcases the work of women running an auto repair shop.

And then there’s Bruno from Truck U who wears a nice tight t-shirt with his bulging biceps in every clip.

And here I thought it was a TRUCK show, not a GUN show.

It makes me think of my own woefully neglected truck, Buck.

He’s seen better days but is still running at 250,000 miles.

That’s right, he’s got a few dents (what well-used truck doesn’t?), but he’s still running smooth after almost two decades.

I realize soon it will be time to get a new car and this time around I don’t intend to get another truck.

Buck has been good to me but honestly it’s hard to justify the gas consumption given other more fuel-efficient options available.

I will always love Buck, though.

He’s been with me through a lot – boyfriends, raising kids, camping trips, and more.

I’ve learned a lot with Buck, about keeping things running, about car care and mostly about how long I can procrastinate unloading my truck after a camping trip.


Buck was my first auto purchase post divorce and I will always fondly recall driving him off the lot to the tune of Primus’ “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” which just HAPPENED to play on the radio the moment I took ownership of Buck.

Jerry was a race car driver,

And he drove so goddamn fast.

He never did win no checkered flag,

But he never did come in last.