Reunited after 22 years

I’ll never cease to find DNA testing fascinating.

Indeed, for 5 years post-graduation I worked in biotech doing gene research.

I happened to test myself for genes identified with increased risk of Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

As I ran the gel with my results from the Alzheimer’s test, I remember thinking, “Do I want to know?”

Heart disease you can modify your lifestyle to improve your heart health, but Alzheimer’s was more of a black and white test for Apopolyprotein E.

Fortunately, I was negative for the mutant copy of ApoE.

But my fascination with DNA started much sooner than when I was conducting genetic research.

For 22 years, I couldn’t trace my lineage.

It was just me, hanging out there solo on my family tree.

I always felt like my adoptive parents were my parents but I couldn’t claim their heritage as mine.

So I jumped at the chance to analyze my DNA via 23&me.

And I found out I am 99.5% European – a little Norwegian, a little Portuguese, a little British, a little German – basically a little bit of everything to make a whole.

My aunt is very interested in genealogy too, almost more so than I was when where I came from was a complete and total mystery.

It’s fun to take the DNA test and get the results back and I’m hoping that when she does, I’ll finally have proof that I’m related to my birth family on my father’s side.

Not that I need it, my baby pictures were the spitting image of my birthfather’s baby pictures.

So much so that if his weren’t in black and white, I’d have trouble telling them apart.

Although knowing your roots is not necessary to lead a fulfilling life, it certainly makes the road a little more bearable.

We’re all in it together.

It’s nice to feel connected to your history.