My work gave me 24 hours of covid-related self-care hours to use to decompress and destress from the pandemic.

I used those hours wisely last Friday.

A friend and I piled into his car and took a trip down to Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Instead of stopping at the Cheese Shop, which is our usual pattern, we decided to try a little wine tasting.

First we stopped at Boekenoogen Winery where we had some very tasty wine.

Then we stopped at Scratch, where I was pleased to sample a bubbly wine before switching to whites and then to reds.

In case you didn’t know it, an artist designs the Scratch wine labels with images of female fighters which really appealed to my inner Tank Girl.

We then took a long road from Carmel to Highway 101 before crossing over to Highway 1 near Castroville where rumor has it Marilyn Monroe was the first Artichoke Queen.

We drove home stopping at a meat market in Freedom, California to pick up some rib eye steaks for dinner.

All in all, a lovely day and one which I found very relaxing and fun.

Can’t wait to spend my next 16 hours of covid-related self-care!