There’s a magical artist out there whose work I adore.

Marco Cochrane, the artist who designed the Bliss Project, captured my attention way back in 2015 on the playa.

The Bliss Project is a trio of installments of a larger-than-life woman’s figure – Bliss Dance, Truth is Beauty and R-Evolution in various poses.

I didn’t get to see the first two installments at Burning Man.

They preceded me to the desert.

But the final installation – R-Evolution – I got to see on the playa.

It was a terribly dusty day and I was feeling mighty grumpy on account of a recent on-playa break-up.

I was riding my bike with Tejas when he suddenly changed headings and started leading me to something in the dust that I couldn’t quite make out yet.

It was R-Evolution.

It was so dusty, I could barely see what we were headed to and as she materialized out of the dust, my breath was taken away, and I stopped biking to snap THIS picture:

She was glorious in her repose.

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for The Bliss Project.