Stripped down TV

I have a friend who watches Naked and Afraid.

Personally, I’ve never seen the show.

Once Survivor started giving me anxiety, I had to give up on all Survivor-esque shows including Naked and Afraid.

For someone who frequents nudist resorts this might seem strange to you.

Obviously I don’t object to nudity, so why drag my heels?

It’s because I dislike bugs.

One thing you can be sure of, my vacations at Burning Man seldom involve bugs.

They involve a lot of sunblock, and I’m wearing clothes at the Burn (usually), but no bugs.

I can just picture my skin getting fried by the sun and chewed up by bugs out in the wilderness.

I get WELTS from mosquitoes.

Do you suppose Canadian mosquitoes are more polite than American mosquitoes when they suck your blood?

The last thing I want is to get naked in a swamp with an army of mosquitoes just waiting to eat me.

I can barely sit my naked ass down on a redwood tree to relax for fear of splinters and dirt, what makes anyone think I could survive in the wilderness with nothing to protect my fragile body from the elements?

I’ll take gross food eating with Bear Grylls over naked in a jungle every day.

They must be paying these people lots of money.

One thought on “Stripped down TV

  1. I often think those exact things!!!! I’ve been naked outside in Alaska, for extremely short periods of time. Once those horse flies start to visit..or winged striped smug stinging insects, back inside I go!! (they look smug because they have such tiny waists seem so arrogant). Bugs, splinters, plants that sting or poke, and certain wild animals are not things I’d enjoy being naked around. Squirrels love to yell at people and throw things, can you imagine how they’d laugh at naked people hanging out in their woods trying to survive???

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