Fully Vaccinated

Well, I went and got my second vaccination this morning and all went very smoothly.

Furthermore, I might as well admit that I had ZERO reactions to it.

No headache.

No fever.

Just a general tiredness which made me fall asleep on my computer, with the lights on, while I was in bed working on volunteer responsibilities.

I haven’t started to grow another head.

And no men in black suits have come to take me away.

So I’m assuming I’ll be good to go in two weeks when my immune system is fully boosted from the vaccine.

What am I going to do first?

I’m getting my hair cut and colored.

I literally CAN’T WAIT!

I’m so excited, y’all better hope I don’t get carried away and chop half my hair off.

Because I’m leaning towards a short cut.

Something to take off some of this length.

A few people around me are nervous I’m going to chop it all off.

They have every reason to be nervous.

I can’t wait to run my fingers through shorter hair!

Here I am in January of 2020, right before lockdown.

Imagine a year’s worth of growth since then:

Needs help, no?