Time sink

I’m looking for a gold, crop top, tie front, bell sleeve blouse.

And it must be SHINY, because I ❤ shine!

So far THIS is the perfect top to wear with my burgundy bell bottom pants:

The only problem is, it’s $995 which is steeper than my budget will allow.

Also, it needs to fit me appropriately and this blouse isn’t offered in my size.

So it’s a no-go.

But I’ve found a few that fit the bill.

This one is silver, but also what I’m looking for:

This one is gold, but it has sequins which become MOOP on the playa, if not properly attached.

So I can’t buy this, but then I came across this one, which isn’t very pretty but looks kinda like what I want for super cheap so I bought it.

Not only is it cheap but it will allow me to wear my push up bra with it which should be very effective in putting the gals on display.


My last resort is to make a blouse and I’ve contacted a few seamstresses about making a blouse for me.

My favorite is this one:

I’d love to get it in gold in my size.

It would be PERFECT.

See, it’s not so easy putting together a costume when you’re not a standard size.

It can be very time consuming!