About me

If reading my blog is less than satisfactory in giving you a picture of who I am or if it’s a bit spotty in a few places, here are the gory details:

  • I’m a 47 year old professional living in the Bay Area
  • I have two kids, ages 18+
  • I have a serious need for distraction

I have an obsession with alt rock, cocktails, and costumes.  I am fascinated by Burning Man and participate every year since 2015.  I’m a serial dater since my divorce 15 years ago and I have been on some entertaining dates.

You may notice that this site is dedicated to all things frivolous and fun about me.  Rarely if ever, will you read a post on politics (unless it’s to lobby for kissing competency tests in high school), health care (unless it’s about the prevention of ingrown hairs after a Brazilian wax), or education (unless I’m blogging fantasies about my former law school professor).

I like this blog precisely because I can be lighthearted and silly.  If I make fun of anyone, it’s mostly myself, sometimes my dates, and occasionally my kids (but only because they are hilarious young adults who entertain me constantly).

I like the frivolous me.  The frivolous me forces me to enjoy my life and never take anything too seriously when:

  • the type-A overachiever in me is stressed out about being a single mom and qualifying for Section 8 housing;
  • while the mother in me is reminding me that I missed out on having more kids;
  • and the lover in me is reminding me that I miss having a partner;
  • and the financial planer in me is bitching because as of 8 pm yesterday my bank account balance was woefully low;
  • and the daughter in me is worried because my father is blind and my mother has a heart condition.

So, grant my my frivolousness please.  It’s not for lack of substance, it’s because there’s so much of it.



7 thoughts on “About me

  1. I read virtually every one of your posts. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I always say to myself “this blog is frivolous, I should be following politics or something” but I can never press the unfollow button. (Actually I have, but then I refollowed it). It’s like cocaine or something, I just can’t quit. So you can take that as a compliment if you want.

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  3. I just read about your cowboy if he is real. His pictures is posted on craigslist for phoenix, go check it out, just thought you should know. I also put what he said in the message.


    Hi there!
    I am so excited to be living in Phoenix and cannot wait to experience everything this place has to offer. It would be even better to meet a down to earth, very attractive girl who is interested in meeting a great guy. More about me I am a working professional, single, no kids, never been married even though I want both someday. I am very athletic, funny, sarcastic, see the humor in everything, and super laid back. It takes a lot to stress me out. I am also very passionate about people, and what I do for a living.

    I would love to meet a girl who is very outgoing, sweet, funny, attractive, loves to try new things but also is content laying out by the pool with a few cocktails. If this sounds interesting and you think we would hit it off with each other then definitely email me back with a few pictures and we can go from there. Thanks for reading this.

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