unSCruz 2018: Playground for adults

The thing about unSCruz is that it’s EXACTLY LIKE A PLAYGROUND FOR ADULTS.

All the things you wish existed out there in the world for you to enjoy exist within unSCruz.



Would you like to join in a cuddle puddle on a flying ship?


Take nude photos with a professional photographer?

You can have it.

Learn about kinks you never knew you had?

Wish granted!

Something that TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY this year was the Rainbow Trike Track.

Basically someone built a mini tricycle track inside one of the warehouses at unSCruz and you could hop on one of the rainbow trikes (think Big Wheels for adults) and get squirrely on the track!

I know!

So much fun!

Open bars?

Yes please (though no outside alcohol is allowed in unSCruz)!

In my heart of hearts, my home away from home will always be Ali Bar Bar.

And they had a magnificent new marquee!

And of course, the best and sexiest bartenders!

unSCruz even had a BURN!

And it was a great burn because the man lit up beautifully but didn’t fall down for quite some time.

More blaze for everyone to enjoy!

All in all, quite the magnificent trip and so worth all the effort that went into planning and executing.

Cheese Tooth

My first week on the diet went well.

MY first WEEKEND on the diet?

Not so well.

There’s something about the lack of structure to my weekends which makes keeping to a diet REALLY challenging.

I went to an AMAZING party on Saturday.

The kind of party you dream about attending – fabulous people, great entertainment, and lots and lots of food and drink!

The party had a Burning Man theme – specifically focusing on the principles of gifting and interactivity.

Everyone participated in the party.

Tejas gave away temporary tattoos, to great success.

Marina let people design their own jewelry then she assembled their selection into a pair of earrings.

Here’s mine:

My gift was a bowl of my famous French cheese fondue – a blend of brie, goat and blue cheese.

Absolutely delicious!

I know because I SAMPLED IT.

Quite a bit of it, actually.

I wanted to eat the fried chicken and pot stickers, but I restrained myself.

And when they passed around birthday cake, I was able to decline with a polite, “I don’t have a SWEET tooth, I have a CHEESE tooth.”

So, not surprisingly, when I drove with Tejas to Pescadero the next day to check out a potential retreat center for our regional precompression, I had to stop by Duarte’s Tavern and get a grilled cheese sandwich and their swirled cream of green chili and artichoke soup.

I might (or might not) have washed it all down with a gin and tonic.

Despite these setbacks, I’m actually proud of how I handled my weekend. I certainly WANTED to cheat more but I held back.

And in the end, I figure that the important thing is to do things right MORE OFTEN than you do things wrong and you’re on the right track.

So, here’s to a better week for me!

Bridal hat

I don’t often get to make hats for somebody I know, but the occasion of a friend’s wedding gave me a good reason to work on my ideas for a bridal shower captain’s hat.

Making a bridal hat with someone in mind is a special kind of fun.

It lets me really focus on creating something beautiful that I think will enhance the beauty of the bride and, in this case, really capture her adventurous spirit.

I worked on my Bridal hat for two months, gathering bits and pieces for it as I worked on putting it together.

First I had to paint the hat with white fabric paint so that none of the darker shades would show through the white.

Then I used 8 different kinds of 3/8” wide ribbon to give the hat texture and interest – velvet, braided, glitter, sequin, grosgrain, satin, flower embossed, and French gimp.

I used two fabrics to cover the top of the hat – white spandex covered with a gorgeous white burnout damask.

Final touches? Iridescent Mardi Gras beads around the top of the hat, silver spikes, clear rhinestones on the brim, and a huge rhinestone applique.

It was beautiful.

And yet it still didn’t seem finished.

The last piece I added to the hat was a short little white veil.

And it was perfect!


Learning to be subtle

I have 5 tattoos.

I got them all within a year of turning 40.

I’d go to Reno to visit my sister and I’d come back with a new tattoo.

The last tattoo I got was a watercolor butterfly on my foot.

It got infected. . .

. . .on account of me going in my sister’s hot tub RIGHT AFTER I got the tattoo.

No worries.

My sister ripped me a new one.

And the process of clearing up the cellulitis was awful.

I thought my foot was going to fall off.

At work, I usually keep my tattoos covered up.

I don’t put them on display like I do at Burning Man or Burning Man events.

Remember that one time I shoved my crotch in a man’s face in order to show him my hip tattoos?

Yeah, I’m more subtle about it now.

Today I accidentally left for work in a sundress and to my surprise I had no sweater in my truck.

So I’m sitting in my cube, minding my own business when a coworker walks by.

“Nice tattoo. What is it? A heart?”

It’s actually a heart with an infinity symbol, meaning eternal love.

And it’s my only tattoo I dislike on account of it reminding me of the man I was with when I got it and was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about being in love.

Ah, eternal love.


As it turns out, eternal love only lasts until another woman comes along.

Needless to say, I won’t be wearing sleeveless tops to work anymore.

See. . . I’m learning to be subtle.


My other tattoos are:


Moth to a flame

The organizational illness that has gripped me in the past is back in full force FORCING me to inventory all my Burning Man gear.

I’m not going to Burning Man for another 5 months!

But I am going to UnSCruz in May!

So the inventory will come in handy for that regional burn.

Can’t wait to go this year.

I’m 90% sure I’ll be camping with a BDSM camp.


I know!

No biggie.

There’s a wedding that’s going to take place this year and I am SO looking forward to all the festivities surrounding the marriage.

I’m so excited I went ahead and made a “BRIDE” hat from my stock of festival hats.

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!?!

Can’t wait to gift it to the bride!

I’m also 90% sure that The Swede will be camping with me.

How fun will it be to show a little bit of the Burning Man culture to someone who has never experienced it before?!?!

We’ll have to get our drink on at Ali Bar Bar.

And dance at the music camps.

Then of course, there’s checking out ALL THE ART!

And the interactivity!

But my favorite part will always be THE FIRE. . . fire dancers, mutant vehicles, art installations, and more.

If there’s fire, I will gravitate to it.

Moth to a flame.

In more ways than one. . .

The post where I wear a lobster in my hair

This past weekend I went to the Salvador Dali Anti Valentine’s Day Arti Parti with Barbara.

fullsizerender1I showed up wearing black leggings and a Toxic Love sweatshirt.

I also had a lobster on my head because, you know, who doesn’t wear a lobster on their head for a Dali Arti Parti?

fullsizerenderTejas and his lady love Yvonne showed up to the party all dressed up as well and Tejas took this lovely photo of me:

img_0971Could I look any worse?

Honestly, it’s SO BAD it’s good.

All that’s missing is a beer in my hand.

So I spent the night sitting in the corner chair dancing my heart out while drinking coronas.

It was a blast!

But I must say, I was a little disappointed.

I thought I’d be the only one wearing a lobster on my head and it turns out a BUNCH of other people showed up with lobsters – notably a woman wearing a bra with two lobsters attached and a pair of underwear with a lobster attached.

Link to the picture is HERE.

Who knew I’d b upstaged by a LOBSTER BIKINI!!!

And I never thought I’d write those two words together.

Go figure.


Festival Inspirations

Well, it happened.

I opened up my own Etsy shop – Festival Inspirations.


I’ve been enjoying making repurposed military hats so much that I decided to sell them.

My first hat is a repurposed Chinese military hat that I call the Disco Rainbow on account of the mirror tiles that surround the hat.

disco rainbow hat

The second hat is also a repurposed Chinese military hat that I call The Rhinestone Rainbow because of the rhinestones that are on the brim of the hat.


I should have better pics of the hat up online soon.  And very soon my Galactic Pussy Hat will be finished and for sale online as well.

Can’t wait!


Galactic Pussy

So far, I’ve completed two repurposed military hats:

The Disco Rainbow hat

IMG_8923The Rhinestone Rainbow hat

hatI have two in the works:

  • The Pink Power hat
  • The Galactic Pussy hat

Now, first let me say I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking these are some pretty out-there hats. And you’re right!

They are some pretty wild hats.

But they’re designed to be festival hats. To be worn when you want to stand out, not so much to shade yourself from the sun, although that is an added benefit.

Here is a collage of the pieces that will make up the Pink Power hat:

hatAll that’s left is to add an applique to the top of the hat. For the life of me, I can’t decide. . . do I want a big pink “Save The Tatas” applique or a nice tame flower/butterfly? I’m inclined to go with Breast Cancer awareness, but that might be too much.

My other hat is The Galactic Pussy, so named because I bought a purple sequin pussy cat with a lot of attitude to go on the top of the hat. The purple kitty reminds me of my friend Renee and just seems like the perfect top for a galaxy themed hat.

Here is a collage of the pieces that will make up the Galactic Pussy hat:

hatIt occurs to me that “Galactic Pussy” would be an EXCELLENT playa name. I fully expect whoever owns the hat to adopt that nickname. Awesome sauce!

So where do I get my inspiration for these hats? It usually comes to me from something I see online – an awesome scrap of ribbon or a really cool applique. The rest of the hat gets designed around that.

I already have a Bollywood hat and a UV Reactive hat forming in my mind that I can’t wait to get started on!


UPDATE:  The purple kitty is no longer available.  Sad face.  What do you think of this?

cool cat

I made a THING!

I made a THING!

And I LOVE it!

My hat started out looking like this:

hatI added some ribbon:

IMG_8869And some holographic vinyl:

IMG_8908And then I threw on some beads, mirror tiles, plastic studded ribbon, and individual studs and voila:


And just in case you missed it, the top of the hat has an “I LOVE THE WORLD” sewn sequin patch on it.  Just because. . .


Paper Mache and Selfies

IMG_9118My Mexican paper mache sacred hearts and skulls class was this past weekend.

I dove all the way to Berkeley in the rain to learn how to work with paper mache.

First, we were given cardboard hearts and skulls and told to select one.

FullSizeRenderI selected the heart with a crown. The skull seemed a little challenging. Here’s a sample of what the instructor made out of his skull:

IMG_9120You make paper mache with a handful of flour, some water, and a tid bit of sat (to prevent bacterial growth).

IMG_9121Once your paper mache paste is made you start dipping torn bits of paper into it then “gluing” it to your cardboard structure.

You can “build up” the structure by dipping toilet paper into the paper mache paste and shaping it, like clay, on top of your shape.

IMG_9122When you’re done, you add a coat of gesso (or two), dry, and paint.

IMG_9123And voila! You have a paper mache thingy.

Here’s mine, although not completely painted:

IMG_9125All in all, I had a great time and the only thing that spoiled it for me was the fact that after class ended, the (married) instructor started sending me selfies and asking me to send him some of me.

No kidding.

Could I make this up?