Hair today, gone tomorrow

It was officially over a year since I had my haircut, thanks to the pandemic.

Which is why I was so DESPERATE to get in and get a haircut with my stylist Tiffany.

My hair looked like THIS:



I waited two weeks after my second vaccination to make the appointment.

I showed up on time, wearing a mask, ready for a makeover.

Tiffany suggested cutting off six inches.

I told her to cut off close to twelve inches, which she did with glee.

Here is the final result:

I can’t tell you how much I love my shorter, bouncier, more stylist cut!

Just in time for a hybrid in-person birthday party for a friend where I plan to wear my blue velvet jumpsuit outfit.

Woo hoo!

Mikayla made me buy it

I’ve taken to wearing fake eyelashes.

Let me explain.

Originally, I got lash extensions, because they look divine and are relatively inexpensive (~$40 per refill).

I stopped getting lash extensions because they hurt my eyes and I missed washing my face and getting my face wet in the shower – two things which decrease the amount of time the lashes will last.

Here I am with lash extensions at SoulFire in 2015:

Ultimately, I removed them and I’ve been okay wearing just mascara on my own lashes.

I prefer this mascara to all others:

Although it’s an extra step when I get ready, I’m glad to be able to wash my face and step into a shower without worrying my lashes will fall out.

But recently, my opinion of fake lashes changed.

What changed it for me is that I got a TikTok account and found Mikayla Nogueira beauty videos.

Mikayla is a cool chick from Massachusetts who has an awesome accent to match (love it!).

She puts up fresh beauty content every day and has some OUTRAGEOUS looks which I would never wear outside but which are quite entertaining and works of art.

I’ve noticed that everything looks strange and unbalanced until she pops on a pair of false eyelashes, then BOOM!

The whole look comes together.

So I’ve been buying fake eyelashes to wear myself.

I happen to love these “corner lashes” which are a half-lash and give the appearance of a foxy eye.

Now I’m no Mikayla, so the learning curve to putting on lashes is pretty steep.

I’ve discovered looking down while popping on a lash from above works best.

There’s also MAGNETIC eyelashes, which cost a small fortune but pop on and off super easy!

I’ve purchased other products, based on Mikayla’s recommendation.

P. Louise eyeshadow base for one.

A hyaluronic acid eye gel, for another.

Which is why I’m calling this post “Mikayla made me buy it.”

Who knew this 47 year old administrator from California would find such a kindred spirit in a feisty, 4’11” twenty-something beauty guru and self-proclaimed Masshole (an asshole from Massachusetts)?

But there you have it.

You can check out Mikayla online via Instagram here or TikTok here.

Your pocketbook with HATE you for it!

Age like Christie Brinkley

I went to a party this week and talked to a bunch of people.

As is typical for me, I tended to hang out with my friends instead of meeting new people, which is the WHOLE POINT of a party.

[No wonder I’m single.]

While I was there, an older woman approached me and gave me a lovely compliment.

She told me I had great skin.

I thanked her and told her my secret: SUNBLOCK and YOUTH.

I grew up in California.

I remember being a teenager and slathering myself with baby oil while laying out in the backyard.

But ever since I worked in a spa in my 20s, I’ve religiously applied sunblock every day.

I don’t avoid the sun though.

I go to Burning Man, after all.

It’s nothing but sun and dust.

When it comes to my youthful appearance, I like to quote Carrie Fisher:

It’s just a matter of time until I look older.

I miss my 19-year old EVERYTHING!

And although I’m quite pleased with what my DNA has made me into, it’s impossible to ignore that I’m not going to age like Christie Brinkley.

The ultimate hair care line?

There relatively new line of hair care products out there.

Have you heard of them?

It’s called Olaplex.

I went online to see what they recommended for my dry color-treated hair and they recommended me a hair care line that costs almost $300!

I’m no Kardashian sister.

That shit’s too rich for my blood.

I’m sure it does amazing things to your hair, though.

And for that price, it better smell like angels rubbing your naked body with cocaine laced body oil.


When given the opportunity to get dolled up and go out during covid, I ALWAYS go all out.

I miss my friends and my community.

So an outdoor socially distanced party in the Bay Area with a bunch of burner friends is right up my alley.

Make it a costume party and I’m even happier.

That’s exactly what I did this past weekend.

I got dressed up as Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show and I went to a party.

I spent quite some time trying to get my cut crease sparkling silver eye shadow just right and you know what that means. . .


Because Miss Piggy is ALL ABOUT long eyelashes and demure glances from beneath lowered lashes.

Little did I know that adding fake eyelashes to your eyes is not an easy accomplishment.

I tried over and over again to attach them.

First I tried lash glue.

Then I tried liner lash glue.

I finally got them to work when I found a special tool designed for applying falsies.

Pics, or it didn’t happen?

Okay, here you go:

Needless to say, a great time was had by all and our hostess threw an amazing party and dinner for us.

Starry Night

I’m totally enthralled with nails by vivxue on TikTok.

She designs really cool nails with acrylic paint.

It can’t be easy to paint on a curved surface, but she does so and it’s incredible!

I fell in love with her Starry Night by van Gogh nails:

They are truly a masterpiece, even though the length is prohibitively long for me personally.

I so desperately want to order a pair from her, but at $199+ a set, it’s a little too dear for my blood.

Still, I think they’re worth every penny spent, especially when you consider that you can wear them over and over again.

I’m tempted to order some blinged out pink nails for my Miss Piggy costume however since my costume includes pink gloves, I assume long nails are out of the question.

Still, I’m going to follow vivxue on TikTok and keep her in mind for future costumes.

And of course, I’ll get a kick out of the new designs she posts regularly to her stream.

I did not buy Starry Night nails for myself, but I did indulge in a sheer Starry Night top from Shein:

As you can see, I’m working on a costume idea for a Masterpiece costume which includes Starry Night.

More to come.


Has anyone been experimenting with doing their own nails during Covid closures?

I’m desperately in need of a manicure.

I’m so desperate that I’m considering buying an in-home kit.

The nearest I can tell there are two types:  Dip powder and UV light kits.

I’m leaning toward using dip powder.

You paint your nail like normal with a special polish then dip your finger into a little jar of acrylic powder which then bonds to your nail.

I think you do this a few times until you reach your desired thickness, paint a layer of top coat on and you’re good to go.

The other kind uses acrylic gels which you shape into a nail using a heinously toxic chemical then adhere the nail to your nail bed using UV light to cure it.

The benefit to this kind of kit is that you get an INSTANT long nail, instead of having to grow out your nails covering them with acrylic powder every time.

But, I’m not sure my nail shaping skills are honed to perfection.

Honestly, I just need something to strengthen my nails so that they can grow out.

No matter how many vitamins I take, I can still bend my nails ever so easily.

Genetics, that’s what it got me – brittle nails and hair that’s falling out.

Anyways, if you have two cents to share about these types of acrylic nails, please LMK via email at or comment below.


Not surprisingly, I am going a little gray.

It’s noticeable now, especially during Covid, that my roots are turning silver.

And there’s something else.

I have a silver streak in my hair:

I’ve always had a light streak in my hair and I’m actually quite tickled that it’s turned silver.

After a little reflection (and discussion with my sister), I’ve decided I’m going to keep it silver and stop dyeing it.

This is a big step for me.

I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was in college.

I mean, I DO plan to dye my hair, but I’m NOT planning on fighting the silver streak which invariably turns gray a week after I dye it.

Stubborn silver hair.

I’m actually considering going full gray, but I’ve heard that can be difficult to accomplish.

I’m no fool.

I believe that something like this should be done by a licensed and trained professional.

So I won’t be buying box color and trying it on myself.

I’ve never tried to have two-tone hair.

This will be a new experience for me.

Wish me luck!


While surfing TikTok, I came upon the COOLEST hairstyle imaginable:

I love the faux hawk and all the silver jump ring detailing.

It reminds me a little of Selling Sunset.

In that show, several female real estate agents spice up their looks by adding braids to their hair repertoire.

There’s not much I’d emulate from this show, but the braids definitely get me.

I love them.

The trick of course is finding someone who is really good with braiding because personally I SUCK.

I can do a standard three-part braid and a French braid and THAT’S ABOUT IT.

Perhaps a good place to start would be the blow dry place by me, which offers braiding as part of their services.

I’ve got a good picture of the hairstyle.

And there’s even a tutorial put out by the stylist showing how to do it.

Whoop whoop!

When I do it, I’ll be sure to post pictures to unblunder.