Party in the streets

I saw a tweet which to paraphrase read:  Live a life that doesn’t make people party in the streets when you lose your job.

People have taken to the streets, playing  music and celebrating all around the world.

And indeed, the word PARTY sums up some of my experience of the past few days.

Emotions of elation, excitement, disbelief, and fear (yes, even fear).

I remember when Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election and was President-Elect.

I felt such a sense of doom and despair.

But then I made my peace with him as President.

After all, I had to survive the next four years.

And this time it all paid off.

I’m scared to celebrate too much.

I’m worried that Trump’s legal team will pull some shenanigans and somehow get him elected again.

But for now, I’m going to allow myself to feel happy and optimistic.

As a friend on Facebook wrote: “Are colors brighter today?  What a gorgeous fall day!”

And I have to agree.

The light is shining brighter.

The day is a little sweeter.

And the music resonates within.


*NOTE:  I know 70 million Americans voted for Trump and feel differently than I do but I hope that the coming years prove that we can coexist together and create a better America together.

I don’t drink anymore

I don’t drink anymore.

I just support bartenders.

I’ve decided this is the way to categorize my drinking. . . as support for bartenders.

Now I’m not one to blow my own horn but a few years back I REALLY supported bartenders.

I actually dated one.

So I know exactly how alluring it is to support bartenders by drinking the new concoctions and potions they create while they master their trade.

Never did I ever pass up a drink.

Today, I got a text from a friend.

It said:  The bar over here is having a soft opening tonight until 9.  Might check it out. Support the bartenders.

And that REALLY got me thinking.

Maybe that’s how I’ll categorize all future drinking adventures.

As bartender support.

Do you suppose I could write it off on my taxes?

Charitable Donations?


Business Expenses?


Bartender Support?



My birthday celebration officially began on Halloween when I friend of mine took me to Carmel to pick up cheese from The Cheese Shop.

We literally bought about 12 kinds of cheese, mostly hard cheese from Europe.

I was reminded about my Cheese Is Love post.

Once again, here are my friends doing the sweetest things for me.

Truly a birthday to remember, and it hasn’t even started already.

I knew I was in heaven when I walked into the store and found actual honeycomb being sold.


Oh the CHEESE!!

Wall upon wall, refrigerator after refrigerator of soft, ripened bries and blues and Mimonette, and Raclette.

I was BESIDE myself with joy.

We bought wine and retired to my place where we then had a socially distanced cheese and wine picnic.

Can you just tell I’m tickled pink about getting to eat ALL THAT CHEESE?!

Because I am!

I’m telling you, the birthday is off to a beautiful start!

I love you

Three words I’d love to hear someone say to me.

Not that I’m unloved.

It’s just that people don’t TELL me as often as I’d like.

My mom.

My sister.

My Barbara.

My Nadine.

My kids.

Today, someone unexpected told me they love me.

Of course, there was a lot of alcohol involved.

But given how many times I’ve reached out to my friends and declared how much I love them, simply because I wanted them to know, I guess turnabout really is fair play.

It was SO nice to hear.

And I course, I love them right back!


Now, I wasn’t aware of this before yesterday but APPARENTLY a women who likes beards on men is known as a beard-o.

Seeing as how I LOVE beards on men, I would qualify as a beard-o.

I’d be a beard-o of the first water.

I am so attuned to beards, that the simple grooming and maintenance of my friends’ beards makes me pause mid-conversation to compliment their newly coiffed facial hair.

Yes, this is how I found out I am a beard-o.

A friend called me out after I mentioned his beard was looking particularly fine one afternoon.

“You’re such a beard-o!” he joked.

And of course, I am.

I’m also a beer-do!

Wear a mask

I hate wearing face masks.

But I do it because my dad is 90 and blind and my mom is 76 with a heart condition.

This amused me greatly and so I’m sharing it here, to remind everyone (including myself) that it’s important to wear a mask.

One is the new two

Haven’t you heard, being single is the new happy.

I have a friend who dates several men but she considers herself single.

No one to slip their laundry into your wash load.

No one’s dysfunctional family to deal with during the holidays.

No one to fight with over how to spend your Friday nights.

Life is simple when you’re single.

You want to go to a party?

You go.

You don’t tentatively accept pending a collaboration with your partner.

I’m happy being single.

It’s easy for me.

As easy as breathing out and breathing in.

Yes, there are things I miss.

Snuggling for one.

And someone to watch movies with on a Saturday night at home without feeling like a loser, for another.

But I’m making my peace with being perpetually single.

Haven’t you heard?

One is the new two.

The world is FILLED with endless possibilities.

Halloween costumes

Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

Hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.

I’m stumped however as to what I’ll wear this year, if I wear anything.

Thanks to covid.

Usually I go to a party at my Aunt and Uncle’s house but that’s not happening this year so what’s a girl with 10 totes full of costumes supposed to do?

Perhaps put them on and take pictures in them for my blog?

I always blog when I’m working on the costumes, but never the finished product.

My question to you is this, IF I were to model my costumes for the blog, which ones do you want to see?

Filter Bubble

Do you know what a filter bubble is?

It’s when your view of politics gets filtered through social media algorithms thereby producing a polarizing effect in your life.

You get surrounded with things you like and filter out the things you don’t creating not just a skewed vision of the world you live in but also less tolerance for things that oppose your way of thinking.

I learned this in my Election 2020 class.

But I really LIKE my filter bubble.

I don’t like to read about people making fun of the BLM movement.

I especially dislike when I read misleading or inaccurate articles on Trump and Biden.

I didn’t watch the Presidential Debate precisely because it would interfere with my filter bubble.

And how is that debate being referred to now?

A hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck?!

Precisely why I didn’t watch in the first place.

I was going to learn nothing new about  either candidate that I didn’t already know.

And honestly, the intonation of Trump’s voice really gets on my nerves.

Like nails on a chalkboard.

Personally, I love filter bubbles.

I’m pretty sure in this economy, with the pandemic still raging, I NEED A FILTER BUBBLE.

My anxiety is already so high, believe me, I’m not hiding from reality – I’m just trying to function IN SPITE of it.

Coming to a Zoom near you. . .

Not surprisingly, I have a collection of nightgowns and slips to wear to bed that rivals most boudoir collections.

When I went to Sweden, the Swede provided me with a modesty robe to wear over my nightgown so that I wouldn’t surprise his teenage daughter in the hallway wearing a nightgown with a plunging neckline.

They’re all pretty sexy but as I get older (and since I’m living in loungewear due to covid-19), I am realizing that I need more subdued nightwear that can transition to day wear – at least in my house.

I went online and bought three nightgowns I thought would fit the bill:

A galaxy nightgown, a rabbit nightgown, and a cactus nightgown.

A lot of people think I must sleep in the nude.

I’m here to tell you I do not.

When you have a house filled with people, you never know who is going to walk in and need to talk.

All the nightgowns have arrived and I’ve tried them on and I must say, I think I’ve done pretty good for myself.

So good in fact, that my mom has declared that I could wear these nightgowns out of the house and on the street.

I wouldn’t go that far, but at least it’s something I can wear around the house and feel comfortable in.

Now debuting in a Zoom near you. . .