Fleur Delacour

Remember I had a sudden and instant desire to splurge on a Fleur Delacour hat:

Well the dress I have to go with it, while somewhat appropriate (it’s the right length and color) is not suitable for Burning Man:

There’s no way I’m wearing a velvet dress in the desert.

I’m not COMPLETELY nuts.

I need to make it a bit more burner-esque.

So I bought a light blue latex (or perhaps PVC vinyl) skirt to wear instead:

And I searched for a light blue camisole – something rather lightweight, to be honest.

I came across two VERY expensive options:

But there’s NO WAY I’m gonna spend even $50 on a shirt for Burning Man, the potential to get ruined it far too likely.

Plus, now that I look at it, the color is totally off.

Instead, I got this cami:

And this cape:

Fleur and her cohorts wear black nylons (I’ll substitute some black fishnet tights) and black and white saddle shoes:

Apart from needing a wand, I think I’ve got a Burning Man version of the outfit I can wear out.

Boho black lace outfit

I’ve been working on a black lace dress outfit for Burning Man on account of how much I liked my white lace dress outfit that I brought with me last year.

The premise is pretty simple:

Take a transparent lace dress and put a high-waisted bikini on underneath it.

Add a few accessories, like a belt, and you’re good to go.

So I bought a black lace dress off the internet:

And then I bought a bikini to go with the dress:

What I really want to add to it now is a bunch of bangles, a skinny bohemian scarf, AND A FAUX FUR VEST.

Plus some OUTRAGOUS boho earrings.

I realize that in all likelihood, the Burn will be cancelled this year and I will have nowhere to wear my outfits (new or old) due to social distancing, but it makes me feel good to be working on something.


Today, I met a man whose love of cosplay rivaled my own.

I mean I’m not a professional but I LOVE costumes and role play.

We shared some of our favorite costumes and he helped me out with an idea for a new costume.

I admitted to binge watching True Blood and knew it was time to make a True Blood costume.

A vampire of course.

Perhaps Jessica?


Pam from True Blood:

She has some FUN lewks.

And, of course she has some great one liners:

Let this good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots.

I am wearing a Wal-mart sweatsuit for ya’ll, if that’s not a demonstration of team spirit, I don’t know what is.

And my PERSONAL favorite:

Let bygones, be bygones; bi-girls, be bi-girls.


More than anything, I want to find a dress like this in my size to complete my Harry Potter Fleur Delacour outfit:

Doesn’t it go PERFECTLY with my Fleur hat:

Mostly, I’m having trouble finding a dress because I want to be some kind of post-apocalyptic Fleur Delacour, with an eye catching cape dress maybe:

Sadly, I’m just not finding anything that wows me, except for this:

Leave it to me to fall in love with latex all over again!

UPDATE:  Turns out I already have the perfect dress in my closet already – a slinky light blue velvet dress I have yet to wear out:

Shelter in Place

Per government order, I am sheltering in place at home with my family.

It’s quite a thing we’re going through now and I confess I am having a hard time writing with all the worry that’s shooting around in my brain.

I’m sure the same worries are floating around in your head as well so I won’t beleaguer the topic.

The bad news is that I’m stuck in a house.

The good news is that so far we are all healthy.

I scoped out Amazon for wigs yesterday, wanting to find a wig for my Latex Velma costume.

At first I thought MAYBE I could get away with something edgy – like an orange wig with brown roots:

Then I decided against it because Velma is nothing if not a slave to her geeky fashion and ombre hair is just a little too hip for that hipster.

I was going to get this:

But then I remembered that the costume I bought for Velma automatically came with a brown bob wig and glasses, so BONUS!

I just saved some money.

Lisa from Weird Science

My royal blue suspender bathing suit bottom took a tour all over the world (by accident) before arriving at my house.

I anxiously opened the package only to realize with dismay that it was entirely too small to fit me.

Not horribly small, just not sized right.

[These things sometimes happen when ordering custom clothes from etsy.]

In any case, I decided to just buy a royal blue high-waisted bikini bottom:

And therefore the whole outfit:

Of course, I laughed about the costume with Tejas before he pointed out to me that the ENTIRE character of Lisa is a representation of men’s fantasies, which conflicts with my new goal to be less sexy and more real when it comes to how I behave.

The irony of being told this by the person who nicknamed me BOMBSHELL is not lost on me.

Happy VD!

I had a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!

First of all I drove my mom to the airport so I had an early start to my Friday which meant when my office closed early for the holiday weekend, I got to start my weekend EVEN EARLIER!


Many people sent me text messages wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

I mean, how can you be SOUR when your friends and family pepper you with love?!

Then I took an uber to Campbell and I had a lovely dinner with Nadine before we commenced drinking and socializing with our friends for the Onesie Pub Crawl.

We hopped around from bar to bar and at each location, I drank a gin and tonic or two.

Round about 11 pm everyone headed to my least favorite spot In downtown Campbell so I called it a night and proceeded to head home.

Where I spent the next fee hours swiping right and left on Tinder.

Ah ha ha!

All in all, it truly was a lovely day and an even better evening.

I really had a blast watching people’s faces LIGHT UP when they spotted us in our crowd of onesies.

But the BEST part of the evening had to be when a firetruck filled with handsome firemen drove by me on the street and I caught the fireman on the rig smiling reflexively when they saw us.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!


I was feeling smug today.

I managed to find a pair of solid red sneakers:

And I found the “perfect” sleeveless orange turtleneck:


And then, I put it all together at home:  the wig, the glasses, the shoes, the turtleneck, and the socks only to discover something was wrong:

Do you see it?  Can you tell?

The sleeveless orange turtleneck is pumpkin orange, not the fire orange it should be.

And before you go knocking the costume for being latex on bottom and cotton on top, I say you try wearing a non-breathable latex sausage casing around your toroso in 105 degree heat and then come talk to me about choosing a more natural fabric (the skirt is ventilated, so it doesn’t count).