Oh dear.

I’ve gone a little bonkers and bought myself eleven quilt patterns.

No worries, they were about $3 each, so I didn’t break the bank.

They were instant downloads though so I immediately got to look at the directions and plan out my quilts.

First things first, even though Good Fortune won the poll for my upcoming quilt, I’ve decided to go with Birdpond.


Because there’s not a smidge of pink in Good Fortune and I’m making this quilt for Barbara who LOVES pink.

Also, I think the pattern just makes more sense with the swatches from Birdpond.

And once I see something I can’t unsee it.

Sure, I could make the quilt with Good Fortune but I’d forever be lamenting that there was no pink in it.

I find it rather appropriate that the fabric collection is titled “Birdpond” and the main fabric I am using has hummingbirds on it.


So it’s settled.

Barbara’s quilt will be made with Birdpond.

Don’t fret about Good Fortune, though.

Ironically, I already have the fabric and I intend to make this zig zag quilt from them:


I fell in love with another quilt, one made with batik fabrics the color of the rainbow.

I love it so much I needed to get the pattern.

All the fabric costs $75 on Amazon, so it’s a relatively inexpensive quilt as far as ingredients go.

I’ve decided if The Swede and his daughter don’t come to California this holiday break, I will spend my time quilting and binge watching old episodes of NCIS.

Pajamas all day.

Here’s hoping I don’t actually get a single stitch completed on my quilting projects.

I’d rather be with my Swedes.



I am working on a new quilt.

It’s been a while since I broke out my rotary cutter, cutting board and sewing machine and made something beautiful.

This quilt is called “Bed of Roses.”

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and relatively simple to make.

As is usually the case, the free pattern I have makes a lap quilt and I want to make a QUEEN size quilt.

Usually, I don’t follow patterns.

I make up my own.

Like this wonderful airplane quilt I made for my nephew.

I actually sold the design to a quilt shop in exchange for free long arm quilting.

Although I can do the calculations to size the quilt up, I broke down and actually bought the full size pattern so that I could save myself the trouble of ALL THOSE CALCULATIONS.

Now, the fun part begins – FABRIC SELECTION!

I need 30 fat quarters to create the quilt and it’s gonna be a lot of fun picking out the colors I want.

The trick to making I good quilt, in my opinion, is finding a good cornerstone fabric to work with.

The colors and patterns in that fabric lay the foundation for the rest of the quilt.

I’ve selected these fabrics:

Lots of colors to work with.

Lots of patterns to work with.

And, of course, a simply gorgeous design.

Wish me luck!

I’m a quilter

I am a quilter.

I have no idea WHERE the desire to quilt comes from.

I’m not a particularly PATIENT person.

I don’t think of myself as terribly ARTISTIC.

And yet, I quilt.

I’ve made upwards of 30 – 40 quilts so far.

I’ve given all of them away as gifts to friends, families, and ex-boyfriends.

The things I do when I’m in love.


Anyway, as it turns out, quilting may be in my DNA.

The Norwegians have a long tradition of quilting.

And I discovered that the lodge I’m trying to join has a history of quilting:

I’m hoping, should they ever respond to my request to join, that this will work in my favor.

I’m a quilter AND a little bit Norwegian.

Check out some of my quilts (sorry for the bad lighting):

Burning Man Gifts 2018

The other night, Tejas and I sipped gin and tonics while working on Burning Man projects.

I personally worked on my playa gifts.

Glass pendant necklaces.


I sourced the glass pendants from an etsy store since I couldn’t find a studio to charge me less than $10 per pendant.

I received my first batch in the mail and proceeded to glue bails on them, string them on 30” silver necklaces, and place them into individual organza bags.

[Two years ago, I used 18” rat tail cord and sadly my necklaces wouldn’t fit comfortably around anyone’s neck.]

So here’s my first batch of necklaces:

Hearts, for the most part, although I did a few dichroic diamonds.

It turns out, I like them so much I ordered another batch from the same vendor.

I’d like to have about 75 – 100 necklaces to gift.

My OTHER project was a set of light up kitty ears.

A vendor on etsy wanted $30 for a pair of them but between Tejas soldering shortened wires, and me wrapping the lights around a kitty ear headband, it cost me less then $7.

Thank you, Amazon!


I am an event planner.

But BEFORE I was an event planner, in an alternate life, I was a geneticist.

I did genetic research for various companies around the Bay Area.

It was a little bit of magic to see someone’s DNA appear in solution when I was extracting DNA from blood samples.

I’ll never forget how beautiful and delicate those thin tendrils of life were.

Needless to say, my degree is in Biology.

I spent a lot of time in chem lab and microbiology lab.

In order to balance out all the science (AND STAY SANE) I took a lot of art classes: Costuming, Art History, Music, Piano, etc.

The only reason this has any relevance whatsoever is that I struggle in the Burning Man community to release my creative side.

It’s much easier for me to buy something already made than it is to make it.

Case in point: I just bought this PixelBoa for the burn.

I love it and think it’ll be a great night time accessory.

I could’ve tried to work out how to make one.

After all, Tejas is an engineer and could help me navigate the circuits that control the lights.

I could’ve. But I didn’t.

Of course, the notable exceptions to this are my hats.

I’ve made a dozen hats.

And something like forty quilts.

So it’s not like my artistic background is COMPLETELY lost on me.

But I do wonder when I’m going to work up the courage to tackle some big artistic project for Burning Man.

Because when all is said and done, I am VERY CREATIVE. . . for a geneticist!

She’s crafty!

What is better than a repurposed military hat made by me?

A repurposed military hat made by me THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Yes, my next hat is going to be a colorful hat with a rainbow of ribbons that are blacklight reactive!

Sadly, it’s impossible to find 3/8” ribbon that is blacklight reactive so I have to MAKE IT!

I’m getting some blacklight reactive paint which I will use to paint the various ribbons and then attach them to the hat after they have dried.

blacklightCould it get more beautiful?

Mind you, I just finished my Pink Power hat, which I’m surprisingly not in love with.

Why, you ask?

pinkhatI’m just not one of those girls who likes pink.

I find it a very troubling color – overly feminized and girly.

But I know a lot of women out there who do like the color. So hopefully one of them will stumble across my hat and fall in love with it.

I also have another Purple Galaxy hat underway.

I love it to pieces!

This time I’m going to attach the naked lady with the pet pussy to the top of the hat.

cool catBecause if it doesn’t sell like that, I don’t mind keeping it for myself.

I love my Galactic Pussy hat!!!

Crafting for Burning Man: Take 2

Did I say I was going to make soap for Burning Man?

Well that was before my DISASTROUS attempt to make cold process soap.

The soap never went through the gel phase and thus is sitting in soupy solution in my garage.

I tried to “dry it out” by putting it in an oven with a low temp and all I did was remelt the oils, melt the mold the soap was in, and TECHNICALLY speaking, start an oven fire.

Yes, my attempt to make soap turned into an over fire.


So plans to make Burning Man soap have been put on hold.

Instead I’m going to make pendants out of washers.

You basically take a washer, modge podge a circle of decorative paper on it, highlight with some sparkly nail polish, and turn into a necklace with some cording.

washers2Yes I’ll be using some industrial strength glue. And pour on industrial epoxy coating.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong, I ask?

Easy peasy. . .


Check out the designs I’m going to use below:

THIS ONE_2 inch rounds-12

Repurposed hat for Burning Man

I haven’t even BEGUN to work on the Burning Man soap (yes, it seems crazy but I like soap making and I like Burning Man so why not combine the two?) and already I am giving myself a new project..,

A repurposed uniform cap.

Repurposed for Burning Man, of course.

IMG_8740I happen to just LOVE this hat and I’m BEYOND excited at the idea of doctoring it up to reflect my rainbow sensibilities.

I’m got my rainbow jumpsuit to wear with just such a hat.

And then there’s this lovely LED rainbow tutu that I can just picture myself wearing on the playa.


I bought this Communist Chinese military cap as the base for my hat.

chinaI just love the idea of turning something that represents conformity and opression into something creative that oozes self-expression and non-conformity.

So far, all I’ve purchased is a sheet of holographic rainbow vinyl from England which I plan to use to modify the brim of the hat.

holographic vinylShould be a really FUN project!

Wish me luck.

She’s crafty!

I know this is very exciting for all of you.

I can scarce contain myself as well.

You see, this weekend I took a class on how to crochet.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s not like me at all to do something quite so domestic.

Well, I’ll have you know I have quite the domestic side to me – I like to cook (when I have time), and quilt (when I have money), and knit (when I have a boyfriend).

I guess a little explaining is in order… the only thing I know how to knit is the Boyfriend Hat by Stephanie Likes to Knit. Therefore I knit when I have a boyfriend to make a hat for. So far, I’ve only made two.

‘Nuff said.

Here is the lovely yarn shop in Santa Cruz where I learned to crochet.

Here is the lovely shop pooch who kept me company while I struggled with my piece.

And here is my GODAWFUL piece, dropped stitches and all.

Try not to get too excited.

It’s not like I’m planning on quitting my day job just yet and becoming a professional crochet artist.

Though I can imagine that given a little practice I could make a pretty cool kerchief top for Burning Man.

I know! I just can’t get through a post without mentioning Burning Man.

Can you believe me?!

Don’t worry, a post on my tour of the San Francisco Armory is coming up soon.

Artistic Abilities

Groupon is determined to make me take a painting class.

Clearly, they have not received the memo re: my artistic skills.

No matter how hard I try to paint or draw, everything turns out looking like a kindergartner drew it.

I find this ironic, because my beautiful birthmother (below) is an AMAZING artist and can draw and paint absolutely anything to perfection.

I guess it skipped a generation.

What am I good at as far as art goes?

Well…. I can quilt up a storm (samples below) and have probably completed at least 40 quilts for my family and friends.

q1 q2
q3 q4
q5 q6
q7 q8


That’s about it.

Oh yeah, I can sing too.

Does that count as art?

In any case, I’m still looking for activities to do, that don’t involve a paint brush and canvas.

Here’s a list of what I’d like to do:

  • Attend the Elton John concert
  • Go great white shark diving
  • Go camping
  • Go fishing
  • Go boating
  • Go sailing (doing this on 6/14/14)
  • Learn to surf
  • Fly an airplane (again)
  • Learn to make beer
  • Take a go go dance class at Sedusa Studios
  • See Jim Gaffigan perform
  • Go to the theater
  • See an opera live
  • Go rafting with friends, drink beer 🙂
  • Play ball at the batting cages
  • Take a mixology class
  • Take a Barre 3 class (under the high recommendation of my friend Christina)
  • Go to a Giants game
  • See the 49ers play in the new Levi’s Stadium

Any other ideas?  Share them with me at or comment below.