Seeing Red

I’ve always had a thing for red dresses ever since I saw the movie Pretty Woman:

The movie came out in 1990, and in 1991 when I went to my Senior Ball, I commissioned a similar dress made out of red velvet:

I loved the dress so much I wore it again in 1994 for my Junior Ball in college which I coerced my friend to take me to:

Then, I bought another red dress, this one with a strappy red back, which I wore out with my friends in college:

And another red dress which I wore to my Junior League formal in 2008:

Needless to say, there have been countless other red dresses I’ve worn – the red mesh dress, my Jessica Rabbit sequin dress, and so many more:

Sadly my MOST FAVORITE red dress, a vintage David Meister dress with a keyhole neckline, which I wore to my Law School Formal I never took a picture in.

I did however keep the dress and if I ever fit into it again, I will most definitely be posing for pictures in it.

Not surprisingly, I’ve been eyeballing these dresses online:

But since we’ve established that I already have enough red dresses (not to mention my tax accountant will KILL me if I buy another dress), I will not be purchasing any new outfits, especially red ones.

But oh, the love in my heart for them. . .


I’m a woman who wears lots of dresses.

I mean, I have jeans and slacks and stuff but most of the time I’m in skirts or a dress.

I decided it was time to buy some new pants and at the top of my list to get is a pair of camouflage pants.

I found a pretty cool pair for cheap on Fashion Nova:

But when I went to buy them, I got a Prop 65 warning that the PANTS contained something CARCINOGENIC in them.

How can they even sell carcinogenic pants to people?

I don’t understand.

So I scrapped that idea and decided to buy slightly more expensive camo pants from Forever 21 which are non-carcinogenic:

Overall, this is the look I’m going for:

Of course, I’ll have to wear a more substantial top since stuffing my G’s into a tiny star-shaped bikini top is likely to produce a very boobalicious result.

I’m not sure if there will be a 2021 burn in Black Rock Desert but I’m keeping my wardrobe up-to-date so that I can easily pack and be ready.

At first, I thought I’d accessorize it with a camo helmet fit with devil horns á la Henck Roling from The Big Flower Fight, but then I thought of Ariana Grande’s long sleek ponytail and I bought a cheap one off of Wish:

It’s Ariana Grande meets Tank Girl.

Here’s me crossing my fingers hoping Burning Man happens in 2021!


What I’ve been peeping at online:

This dress.

Yassssss queen!

These SUPER BLINGY sunglasses which would look great with the pink dress, no?

This swimsuit with a 70’s vibe I’m totally digging:


This little black dress with O-rings which nearly gave me a heart attack:


I know I have the balls, but do I have the audacity to wear this dress?

Maybe. . .

It’s sold out in smaller sizes but still available in larger sizes.

And finally, I saved THIS picture from Instagram:

This dress would’ve been absolutely PERFECT for my Miss Piggy costume but now just reminds me that there are other women out there in the world with similar body types to mine who look beautiful and sexy.

And that’s not a bad thing to be peeping at, in my book.

Pineapple Dreams

I stumbled across this GORGEOUS pineapple bag from Kate Spade:

It sells for around $600 on Poshmark.

Funny enough, the knockoffs are already available, because I can also buy THIS bag for about $70:

In case you didn’t know, I have a THING for pineapples.

I have an entire pineapple outfit which I wear at Burning Man:

Just so you know, if you’re in the market for a pineapple bag, there are options out there.

Like this $170 Kate Spade pineapple handbag:


Kate Spade is BIG into fruit right now so if you’re at all interested in strawberry, banana, oranges and cherries, her site is worth a peep!

How hard can it be?

I’ve decided it’s foolish to PAY someone $160 to make paint splattered, deconstructed denim overalls for me.

I’m going to DIY it!

Here’s a pair of cheap overalls:

I imagine all I need to do is take some permanent fabric paint and splatter the surface of the overalls with the paint.

Maybe I can talk a friend into doing it with me so I have moral support.

Then we could have matchy-matchy outfits.

Two chicks in painted overalls!

The only downside to this is that by my calculations, the paint is $65 (15 colors @ 16 oz) and the overalls are $40, although I can probably find a cheaper pair.

So there’s not much wiggle room to save money.

Nevertheless, I am resilient and determined to make my paint splatter overalls happen.

How hard can it be?


So I went and did a thing.

I bought a pair of used electric blue velvet Penny Loves Kenney pumps off of Poshmark for $15.

What a deal, right?

I mean, what is better than recycling a pair of gently used shoes?

The shoes look brand new – no scuffs on the bottom of the pair.

So I patted myself on the back and congratulated myself on a job well done.

Shoes acquired at minimal expense.

Then THIS happened:

That’s right, I found a pair of electric blue shoes blingy enough to match my outfit SO I BOUGHT THEM.

And I have to say, I LOVE THEM!

In all caps, just like that.

I literally can’t wait to go out again.

In fact, I am so excited that the next time I go on a road trip, even though I don’t have a destination in mind or an activity, I may just get dressed up just for the hell of it.

Because my outfits are crying to be worn.


Colorful kilts and sari skirts

I’m working on an inspiration board for Burning Man 2021.

I’ve got a collection of LOOKS going on and I’m excited at the idea of working on outfits for the burn.

First, I’m loving the look of this model in a bright kilt:

You can find online versions of contemporary kilts HERE for $59.78 and HERE for $100.

Truthfully, I’m in love with this Indian-inspired skirt.

I’m so in love with it, that I checked out sari-style skirts online and found some very playful sari skirts which would look great at Burning Man:

But overall the themes to my 2021 Burning Man Inspiration Board are:

Transparency, fringe, rainbows, aliens and galaxy prints:

I’m also MADLY in love with this look for a man:

Overalls – HERE for $38.33 or HERE for $38.52; horns – HERE for $45+, and HERE for $190.

Seeing Red

I’m currently looking for items that go with a few outfits I’m working on.

First, the red mesh dress:

I’ve narrowed down my necklace choices to a few select items on Etsy:

Then I found these red razor blade sunglasses on Shein and my mind started spinning a whole new way:

Why not get one of those bloody chokers I’ve seen people wearing:

I haven’t made any decision yet.

I’m still scoping out possibilities.

But this red mesh dress has already got me hot and bothered and I can’t wait to finalize the outfit.

I’m going to be seeing red for days and days and days.

2020 Costumes

2020 was a pretty slow year, as far as socializing goes.

No burner parties, no social gatherings.

Just sheltering in place.

And while I sheltered in place, here are the outfits I worked on in 2020:

My vinyl Velma costume, complete with red vinyl skirt and orange knee socks.

My Fleur Delacour costume from Harry Potter.

My smokeshow costume – to be worn at Burning Man 2021 (hopefully).

My witchy woman costume, worn for the Micro Burn (the one time I did go out).

Who doesn’t love themselves some Spaceballs?  Here is my Barf costume for Burning Man 2021.

My Egyptian costume, just a fun outfit for Burning Man.

My red sheer dress outfit.  I’ve got all the accessories, now do I have the balls to wear it?

Wednesday Addams, because she’s a bad ass bitch!

Pretty Woman costume, because I just couldn’t help myself.

Cher from Clueless, I bought two versions of the same costume, only one fit.  So my cousin Jennifer got the one that was too small.

Miss Piggy – only my most EPIC Halloween costume EVER!

An electric blue velvet jumpsuit, because you can never own too  much velvet!

The strawberry dress.  I’m so in love.  Enough said.

So maybe I didn’t work on as many outfits as I would have if covid had not happened, but I worked on a tidy bunch of costumes and I think they turned out great.

Now I just need to take pictures in them.

Isolation Treatment

Post-Christmas, I spent a little money at Shein buying some clothes and I just have to share because I find an unusual trend starting to develop.

I’m all about comfort lately.

Comfortable pajamas, comfortable clothes, even comfortable shoes.

It’s a shame really.

I can’t remember the last time I wore high heels and dressed to impress.

[It was when I dressed up as Miss Piggy and tried to wow Big Joe.]

Well, I’m not going after sequin dresses and high heels anymore.


I’m going after velour, velvet and cotton.

Comfortable, breathable clothes that I can wear inside the house, or out, without worrying I might look too casual.

First, I got some undergarments:

Then I bought some warm, cuddly clothes:

But in the end, it’s these three pieces I could not ignore:

You know I love them because I’m a smart ass and because they convey a certain attitude of disregard for the rules of fashion.

Sure, I could get dressed up NYE and host a zoom soiree, and I MIGHT JUST DO THAT.

But ultimately, what I really want to do is to host a snuggle fest, with everyone in onesies or some soft, gentle clothing.

In my mind, a very handsome, bearded man would fixate on me and snuggle me in ways I’ve only been dreaming of these last nine months of isolation.

It’s my treatment for isolation.