Broken heart

A month ago I suffered a loss in my life of a relationship that meant a lot to me. With a person I thought very highly of.

Recently that loss was compounded and my heart was ripped open to bleed and hemorrhage all over again.

I’d like to say I handled it like a lady and quietly mourned my losses. But I didn’t.

I turned (understandably) into a bitch and lashed out at the source of my suffering.

I’ve since calmed the fuck down and am now able to slowly recover from my trauma, in the best way I know how…

…by perusing Pinterest for broken heart quotes and picking my favorites for this post.

IMG_7912 IMG_7903
IMG_7904 IMG_7905
IMG_7906 IMG_7907
IMG_7908 IMG_7909
IMG_7910 IMG_7911
IMG_7913 IMG_7914

Just another way to bleed, reposted

I’ve been thinking about Anti-Valentine’s Day and how it seems like a lot more fun than Valentine’s Day.

I took the liberty of putting together some swag for Anti-Valentine’s Day which I found incredibly entertaining.

Hope you enjoy…


image image

 And of course what kind of holiday would it be if you didn’t have a glass to toast with?

imageBecause drinking is par for the course on Anti-Valentine’s Day.

imageBut don’t be too hard on yourself. Indulge in a little self love.

image Because don’t forget a little bitterness is in order.

image image
image image

 And remember, you’re one bad ass bitch.

imageSo embrace your inner witch.

imageA broken heart isn’t the end of the world.

imageSo don’t go playing with one of these

imageAnd if all else fails…

imageHappy Fucking Valentine’s Day to you.

image“Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it’s just another way to bleed” ~ Laurell Hamilton

Things you don’t know you don’t know

IMG_7299I’ve been having some health issues lately.

Nothing big, I hope, just a random cluster of symptoms that could mean I’m going into heart, liver, or kidney failure.

It could also be nothing more than a health issue that lifestyle changes will fix.

Cut back on the drinking, get more exercise, lower my salt intake, etc.

My doctor, after commiserating with me over my symptoms, prescribed a course of Lasix to rid my body of the excess water.

This is all well and good but genius that I am, I took the Lasix BEFORE bed and THEN SPENT THE REST OF THE NIGHT GOING TO THE BATHROOM!

So I’m just making a mental note for next time…


Thank God

Dear God,

Thank you for birth control. I’m pretty certain without it I would be a cranky old hag with tits on her knees and 2 dozen kids. The desire to buy sexy lingerie and costumes is strong within me. And when I’m with a man who desires to rip it off me in 10 seconds while I laugh and try desperately to keep it on for another 30 seconds, that is a recipe for babymaking.

vs1 vs2

And I really want to avoid the baby part of that equation.

So thanks for the homonal regulation and for making it possible for me to go near a penis.

Most devotedly yours,


P.S. I’m not sure why I was able to walk 13.1 miles with minimal discomfort in the past and then got two huge blisters when I walked the dog a mile today. You certainly do work in mysterious ways.

Birth control!!!

72084bf4937cd6d775193a5a0fbc745aI need birth control. And LOTS of it!

I took one look at his big bare chest and his sexy smile and realized I was in deep.

His wolverine swimmers could find a way to impregnate me if you drove them in circles, dropped them off in the Australian Outback in a teaspoon of water surrounded by saltwater crocodiles and challenged them to find my egg.

They should hang a large warning sign around his waist that says, “For God’s sake woman, proceed only with extreme caution and an overabundance of birthcontrol!”

Hiking in the rain with a bum foot, continued

Well, let me tell you, even in the rain, the hike at Ano Nuevo State Park is Ah-Mazing.

Yes, the rain comes in sideways and gets your face all wet.

Yes, you have to walk in between scary HUGE bull (male) elephant seals with large floppy noses.

Yes, the bulls roar and sound like lions (OMG).

Yes, you’re not allowed to make eye contact with the bulls for fear they will charge.

But overall, and in sum, it was a grand adventure!





It was all great fun but by far the most adventurous thing I did while out on this hike was eat TOFURKEY at the picnic afterwards.  Kinda like smoke flavored cardboard, it was pretty disgusting but I managed to eat the whole thing, just to be sure I hated it.

Yes, I hated it.

So there you have it.  Elephant seals at Ano Nuevo SP = good.  Tofurkey = bad.


Hiking in the rain with a bum foot

I am sitting in my car at Ano Nuevo State Park waiting to go on a guided hike to see the elephant seals. It is pouring down rain. And even though I am wearing waterproof clothes, I can’t imagine staying dry in this weather.

I originally signed up in order to be more adventurous. The group I am going with – San Francisco Outdoor Adventure Club is a great organization I have gone rafting, kayaking and hiking with.

And although I fully intend to do this hike no matter what (even with my janky foot), I just have to ask myself….what are you thinking?!

Did I mention there are rivers of water running through the parking lot?

The one where I agree to get naked (almost)

This quote has been on my mind lately:

imageIt’s been on my mind because I tend to stay in my comfort zone and not challenge myself.


You’ll never believe what I just did…

… I signed up for a boudoir photography session through Celebrate Your Sexy in San Jose,  CA.


Because posing for pictures in tiny lingerie in front of strangers scares the sh*t out of me. (I suspect it’ll also make for great blogging.)

So I might as well do it, right?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?