And she was all YELLOW

Lately, I’ve been inspired by sunny yellow colors.

I saw this bikini online and now I dream of sashaying along a tropical beach in it.

But yellow is not a new color for me.

I’ve attended weddings in bright, happy yellow:

And I’ve been inspired by yellow in the photos I’ve taken:

I did happen to also get inspired by this outfit:

And it makes me want to get my own paint splatter overalls.

I have several friends who are artists who would laugh me out of the house if I told them I would pay money for a pair of paint-splatter, deconstructed overalls.

But it’s true.

Look at these ones online for $168.

Honestly, if I had more confidence in myself as an artist, I might attempt to design a pair myself but since I’m not a painter I might have to commission a pair.

Also, I could just get these for $42.25.

They’re pretty cute.

Memory Lane

Part of my children’s story gets told through photos in a treasured iPhoto Library tucked away on an external hard drive appropriately nicknamed “J” drive.

Every time I want to look at photos from their youth, I can’t help but be swept up by the flood of memories the pictures evoke.

Cameras and video capture became commonplace in mobile phone technology just in time to capture me falling in love back in 2007-2009.

It’s the closest I ever came to making a 2-parent family unit post-divorce and therefore is hard for me to look at.

The upside of documenting a love story from start to finish is that so many beautiful moments were captured – from the time we spontaneously came across Labyrinth playing in a Santa Cruz movie theater to the bonfire on the beach with glow-in-the-dark frisbees to that stunning trip to the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The downside of capturing a love story from start to finish is that you relive it every time you delve into old family photos.

But when you come across stunners, like these, it’s hard to feel too bad:

Colorful kilts and sari skirts

I’m working on an inspiration board for Burning Man 2021.

I’ve got a collection of LOOKS going on and I’m excited at the idea of working on outfits for the burn.

First, I’m loving the look of this model in a bright kilt:

You can find online versions of contemporary kilts HERE for $59.78 and HERE for $100.

Truthfully, I’m in love with this Indian-inspired skirt.

I’m so in love with it, that I checked out sari-style skirts online and found some very playful sari skirts which would look great at Burning Man:

But overall the themes to my 2021 Burning Man Inspiration Board are:

Transparency, fringe, rainbows, aliens and galaxy prints:

I’m also MADLY in love with this look for a man:

Overalls – HERE for $38.33 or HERE for $38.52; horns – HERE for $45+, and HERE for $190.

Seeing Red

I’m currently looking for items that go with a few outfits I’m working on.

First, the red mesh dress:

I’ve narrowed down my necklace choices to a few select items on Etsy:

Then I found these red razor blade sunglasses on Shein and my mind started spinning a whole new way:

Why not get one of those bloody chokers I’ve seen people wearing:

I haven’t made any decision yet.

I’m still scoping out possibilities.

But this red mesh dress has already got me hot and bothered and I can’t wait to finalize the outfit.

I’m going to be seeing red for days and days and days.

Not such a sucky holiday after all

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and I’ve finally gotten up off my ass to do something.

First, I bought SNARKY Valentine’s Day cookies for my kids.

They know I love them, they just prefer rude cookies over polite ones.

Second, I set up a zoom for a Valentine’s Day gathering complete with frosty beverages, entertainment, and plenty of snarky comments.

So if any of my friends are available, they are welcome to join me over the internet to celebrate.

I didn’t hire entertainment this time around.

Although I would LOVE to hear Rachel Lark belt out “You try writing a love song” on Valentine’s Day.

This time around I’m hoping that I can serve as entertainment.

I’ve memorized a poem and I plan to recite it for everyone and encourage them to do the same and share their talents with us.



Dad jokes.

Magic tricks.

Whatever works for my friends works for me.

So if you’re curious what I’ll ACTUALLY be doing for Valentine’s Day, the answer is I’ll be wearing a onesie and hat and entertaining friends online.

It’s not such a sucky holiday after all.

To Scotland, with love

I took a trip to Scotland with my sister in August and September of 2007.

I remember several things about the trip.

First, I decided I was going to look like a California girl by getting a real tan in a tanning salon.

I did lay out in tanning beds for months prior to my trip and therefore had a stunning tan for my trip HOWEVER no one saw it because I was bundled up under jackets, sweater, jeans and scarfs.**

From this:

To this:

Second, my sister had an absolutely AMAZING line caught Scottish salmon grilled to perfection at the Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow.

It was so good we went back a second time.

Third, we had a totally impromptu adventure at Doune Castle in Scotland where scenes from Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail took place DURING A MONTY PYTHON FESTIVAL.

That’s right!

Right place, right time!

My sister and I and a bunch of die-hard Monty Python enthusiasts enjoyed the afternoon with a live re-enactment of the movie.

They even passed out coconuts so we could sound like a galloping horse as we approached the castle.

I found this ENDLESSLY entertaining!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I had such a good time my sister and I are planning a trip to Ireland when travel is possible again.


** I DO NOT recommend tanning salons.  I recommend sunblock.

The Last of the Costumes

My strawberry dress FINALLY arrived!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here and NOW IT’S HERE!

I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m so excited.

Finally, a strawberry dress that fits.

There’s one teensy tiny problem, however.

It’s virtually see-through.


See-through clothing is fine for Burning Man and the like but not so great for day-to-day wear.

Therefore I MUST buy a pink slip to go under the dress.

No big deal.

The royal blue hat and heels arrived as well.

Sadly, I think the shoes will not work.

They hobble me in minutes.

So I bought a pair of the much sought after Penny Loves Kenney electric blue velvet heels:

I’ve sworn to Nadine that I’m going to use my funds for investments and not costumes anymore, so we’ll see how many costumes I put together for 2021 – could be not many at all.

But I’m still scrolling though Pinterest looking for inspiration.

Lately, I’ve been impressed with some styles for men:

But I’ve been looking at a few designs for women which appeal to me, most notably THESE braids and a foam wig:

But since Burning Man 2021 is a long way off, I’m just perusing the web for costumes but INVESTING my money in stock.

Nadine will be so proud!

Valentine’s Day 2020

I had a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!

First of all I drove my mom to the airport so I had an early start to my Friday which meant when my office closed early for the holiday weekend, I got to start my weekend EVEN EARLIER!


Many people sent me text messages wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

I mean, how can you be SOUR when your friends and family pepper you with love?!

Then I took an uber to Campbell and I had a lovely dinner with Nadine before we commenced drinking and socializing with our friends for the Onesie Pub Crawl.

We hopped around from bar to bar and at each location, I drank a gin and tonic or two.

Round about 11 pm everyone headed to my least favorite spot In downtown Campbell so I called it a night and proceeded to head home.

Where I spent the next fee hours swiping right and left on Tinder.

Ah ha ha!

All in all, it truly was a lovely day and an even better evening.

I really had a blast watching people’s faces LIGHT UP when they spotted us in our crowd of onesies.

But the BEST part of the evening had to be when a firetruck filled with handsome firemen drove by me on the street and I caught the fireman on the rig smiling reflexively when they saw us.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

Nobody loves me

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on me like a bad toe fungus and I find myself in the uncomfortable position once again of being single for a holiday that celebrates couplehood.

I can practically feel the bile rising in my throat when I think of all the sugary sweet sentiments that will be posted onto Facebook for couples celebrating being a couple.

It’s downright nauseating.

Of all the holidays, this is my LEAST favorite.

I can dress up for Halloween.

I can buy gifts for Christmas.

I can cook a ham for Easter.

All of these holidays are easy to participate in.

But not so much Valentine’s Day.

And there’s nothing I dislike more than feeling LEFT OUT.

But left out is what I am.

I am reminded of a song a gentleman sang for me in college:

“Nobody love me.

Nobody cares.

Nobody feeds me peaches and pears.”

So, you have been forewarned to expect quite a bit of sass out of me as this holiday approaches.

Because I’m sure as hell not pleased that (yet again) I must survive another fucking Valentine’s Day ALONE.

Thanks for the goddamn reminder!

Love Letters

This Valentine’s Day, I’m inspired to write love letters.

I know, I know, I HATE this holiday!

Why participate at all?

I guess on some level recognizing the love in my life resonates with me even if the holiday reminds me I’ve been single for fucking ever.

I was thinking this year I would write love letters to my family.

Tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

Really personalize each letter.

Let my family and birth family know how much I love them.

Because they really are AMAZING people and I’m lucky to have them in my life.

And then I’d start in on my friends.

Because Lord knows that friends can be as close as family sometimes, if not closer.

I’ve got a lot of friends who support me who I’d like to send a love letter too.

What started me down this path, you ask?

Well I was on Facebook the other day watching people post public comments criticizing two people I love very much and I thought to myself that the only way to combat that kind of trash talk is to shower my friends and family with love.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.