2020 Resolutions

In 2018, I made a series of resolutions I kept:

  1.  Drink more beer.
  2. Spend more time with family and friends.
  3. Watch more Supernatural.
  4. Write more.
  5. Be unapologetic about my life experiences.
  6. Go to unSCruz.
  7. Be open to dating men who fall outside my usual parameters.
  8. Say yes to new experiences more often.
  9. Take care of the people closest to me.
  10. Love more.  Love easily.  This world will not suffer for a little more love in it.

I didn’t make any resolutions in 2019, but I’m back for 2020 and ready to make a few more resolutions:

  1. Dance as if your life depends on it.  It’s good for you.
  2. Make love more. Don’t be stingy with affection.
  3. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking.  Live your life YOUR way.
  4. Recognize that the universe may be pointing you in a different direction than the direction you think you’re headed in and trust in that path.
  5. Be flexible.  Maybe the image of what you think your life should be like is what’s making everything seem so complicated and difficult.
  6. Join some clubs, especially ones which support and develop the skills of women.
  7. Find new passions.  There’s so much out there to enjoy, keep looking for new and exciting ways to live your life.
  8. Take a creative writing class.  Learn how to write a book.
  9. Travel more.  Hit Ireland with your sister.  Get out and explore more, not just locally but internationally.
  10. Be thankful for everything you have.

So there you have it, my 2020 New Year’s resolutions in a nutshell.  I did pretty good in previous years so here’s hoping my 2020 is just as successful as years past.


2018 Resolutions

MichelleEvery new year, I make resolutions which I rigidly adhere to for the next week before TOTALLY IGNORING THEM until the next new year rolls around.

This year I’m making new year’s resolutions I know I can keep:

  1.  Drink more beer.  Sure, it’s like liquid bread but it’s tasty and I like it and it has less alcohol than mixed drinks (which I am prone to consuming).  So DRINK MORE BEER!
  2. Spend more time with family and friends.  Surrounding myself with people who love me is NEVER a bad thing.
  3. Watch more Supernatural.  Jensen and Jared have my heart <3.
  4. Write more.  Blog.  Be honest and transparent.  Even when it means admitting to receiving a “facial.”  *facepalm
  5. Be unapologetic about my life experiences.  They have made me who I am.  The good, the bad, and the wild and crazy make me, ME!
  6. Go to UnSCruz.  Bring The Swede!
  7. Be open to dating men who fall outside my usual parameters (40 something year old lumberjacks).
  8. Say yes to new experiences more often.  No one likes a stagnant woman.  Grow.  Perpetually.
  9. Take care of the people closest to me – my sons, my parents, and my siblings.  LIFE IS FLEETING so ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW.  I mean RIGHT NOW!
  10. Love more.  Love easily.  This world will not suffer for a little more love in it.

Adios 2017!

How do I feel about 2017?

I’m ready to bring on 2018, that’s how I feel.

In 2017 I had to put down my dog.

That was a difficult and sad time.

I also applied for, and lost, two jobs: one I was excited about and one I was less than excited about.

So perhaps it’s for the best, though it hurt both times to be rejected.

2017 wasn’t all bad though.

I went to unSCruz with The Swede and had a lot of fun.

And, of course, I am in Sweden right now visiting The Swede.

I travelled to Burning Man in 2017 and had a fantastic time so there’s that too.

But there was also a WHOLE YEAR OF #45’s antics and quite honestly I have had my fill of that charlatan.

Three more years? Good grief!

2018 brings some promise.

I will continue to look for another position at work so there’s potential for growth there.

And, once again, I am going to unSCruz AND Burning Man, not to mention that highly anticipated spring Pagan Bunny Burn.

I also start my medical weight management program which I’m not REALLY looking forward to except for how much healthier I will be on the program.

So there’s that.

Overall, I can say adios to 2017 and welcome in 2018 with an open mind and an open heart.

I’m looking forward to the coming year.