Over a barrel

michelleI’m not much for reunions.

Mostly because I hate the posturing and “hey-look-how-good-I-have-it” attitude.

And I keep in touch with all the people I want to keep in touch with.

Granted, it’s mostly through Facebook, but that counts.

Well, two musician friends who I follow on Facebook have put together a band to play our Reunion.

That’s right. They play in bands already and are coming together to entertain my high school class.

They’ve gone and done the one thing that I can’t resist the temptation to watch – they’re going to perform.

But it won’t be like it was in high school, playing covers of 80s and 90s music. Performing Gypsy’s “Everything’s coming up roses”. . .

Oh no.

These fellows are dark. Mysterious. Creative. Talented.

I’m guessing it’s a performance that will BLOW ME AWAY.

Who am I to resist?

They’re going to get to me eat my words and go to a reunion. . .



* UPDATE: Just discovered that Reunion is NEXT weekend and I am not allowed to wear anything BESIDES cocktail attire to the Reunion. Fuck!