Some Might Call it Luck

Some might call it luck.

Others might call it kismet.

But as it turned out, when The Israeli and I left St. George Distillery, we stopped at Forbidden Island in Alameda for a cocktail.

Forbidden Island is a kitchy little tiki bar in Alameda that I hardly every get to go to because it’s in fucking Alameda.

When we arrived, we discovered that a band was playing.

Get this….


I’m not making this up.

The Israeli had lots of fun hearing songs played surf style that he normally only hears in Temple.

IMG_8536And I was thrilled to see him enjoying himself so thoroughly.

Also? He bought me a glass of Pyrat Cask 23to sip on and we all know that a pour from a $300+ bottle of rum from Anguilla is pretty much as close to the nectar of the gods as you can get.

IMG_8533What I love most about The Israeli at this point is how different our taste in cocktails are.

I sip on rum, neat while he orders the sweet piña colada.

IMG_8531 IMG_8530

 Before we left, we chatted with the lead singer of the band who got a kick out of that fact that The Israeli was from Israel and we just happened to stumble upon their performance in a tiny little bar in Alameda.


I should say so.

The Adrenaline Rush

The first thing you need to know about The Great Bull Race is that I didn’t do it alone.  My friend Mark and my cousins Jennifer, Nick, and Travis did it with me.

Thank God, because my hands were shaking like a leaf before and after the run.

Imagine a couple hundred people lining a track about 1/4 mile long in 100+ degree heat and that approximates what the experience was like.

We all waited anxiously for the bulls to run.  And run they did.  They came barreling down the track in 3 waves of about 8 bulls.

We let the first wave of bulls and people run right by us.  We ran with the second wave of bulls, captured on video by Mark:

In al honesty, I have to admit I freaked out a little when I got a bit too close to a big black bull.  My, they are big with HUGE horns!  I spent the next 10 seconds glued to th fence.

My cousin Jennifer ran with me.  And she stayed with me the whole time. Even when I freaked out and she wanted to run.  Never left my side.  I love that girl ❤

The whole experience lasted maybe 30 seconds.  But what a wild, heart-pounding 30 seconds it was.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  It was a magnificent experience unlike any other I had, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Being able to run with bulls was incredible.  And being able to do it with friends and family made it even better.  When I originally signed up, I thought I’d be doing the bull run all by myself.

What a lucky woman I am to have such good friends and family.

And now a photo collage of our day:

photo 1 photo 2
photo 3 photo 4
photo 5 photo 1
photo 2 photo 3
photo 4 photo 5

I opted to skip the Tomato Royale tomato fight.  It was a super hot day and I’ve already thrown rotten tomatoes before in a tomato throwing festival so I asked Mark if we could opt out and he agreed.  Jennifer did it with Travis and Nick. Here’s a glorious shot of her, post tomato fling….