Eliza Doolittle

I have a deep affection for My Fair Lady.

It comes from years of watching the movie with my parents while I was growing up.

My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music.

My parents were big on musicals.

So you can imagine my excitement to discover that My Fair Lady was playing on TV the other day.

I immediately sat down to watch it.

And wouldn’t you know it, my appreciation of it was only amplified by its absence in my life for the last four decades.

Yes, indeed.

I had a newfound appreciation for it, looking upon it with my new, wiser eyes and mature mind.

Take the Ascot scene.

I had forgotten that each woman who was dressed up for that scene was a work of art.

The dresses.

The hats.

The monochromatic color scheme.

And the lyrics?

I never realized that they were so tongue-in-cheek growing up.

My adult ears heard the lyrics about the attendees getting “excited” and “keyed up” whilst they outwardly exhibit absolutely no passion at all.

More than ever, I am convinced that I need to create a My Fair Lady Ascot outfit for cosplay.

I love it more than anything and have done research on it.

I’ve ALREADY been working on it!

Of course, if I can think it, then it’s already been done, as evidenced by this My Fair Lady inspired wedding.

I may not be the first one to the party, but I’m sure going to KILL IT when I arrive.

Á la Eliza Doolittle!

Landside of good karma

I have two secrets I keep from the general population. Only my friends and family know them.

Every now and then I make a new friend who captures my interest and my trust and I take a leap of faith and share my secrets with him/her.

Yesterday I told Mystery Man my two secrets.

He said, “You always find a way to draw me closer to you.”

And, “I just want to come over and hug you and hold you tight.”

“Now you know me,” I replied.

And you just have to love someone who says, “There is no need to get me to like you more. You have already succeeded with that.”

So sometimes the universe may conspire against me. But other times it send me a kind, generous, warm hearted friend to share a bit of my soul with.

For that I am unendingly grateful.