How hard can it be?

I’ve decided it’s foolish to PAY someone $160 to make paint splattered, deconstructed denim overalls for me.

I’m going to DIY it!

Here’s a pair of cheap overalls:

I imagine all I need to do is take some permanent fabric paint and splatter the surface of the overalls with the paint.

Maybe I can talk a friend into doing it with me so I have moral support.

Then we could have matchy-matchy outfits.

Two chicks in painted overalls!

The only downside to this is that by my calculations, the paint is $65 (15 colors @ 16 oz) and the overalls are $40, although I can probably find a cheaper pair.

So there’s not much wiggle room to save money.

Nevertheless, I am resilient and determined to make my paint splatter overalls happen.

How hard can it be?