Love and Connection

For the better part of three days, Lupin Lodge was transformed into the Bare Burn.

My eyes drank in the sights – from the beautiful black and white Bacchanalia-style décor to the gorgeous people who gathered around the pool and hot tub to soak and socialize.

There was a couple with a big light up mushroom hat which faded from color to color, rhythmically.

There was another colorful couple who offered coconut oil massages to guests and I carefully peeked inside their tent every time I passed to see if I could sneak in for a quick massage.

The pool was filled to the brim with naked bodies, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

At night, a crowd of people would gather on the Main Lawn to enjoy the music coming from the DJ booth.

All our DJs knocked it out of the park when it came to spinning creative, chill, fun tunes for everyone to enjoy.

If I close my eyes, I can smell the lawn and see all the people bobbing and dancing to the music of the Silent Disco, a genius addition to the Bare Burn (thanks Marco and Mark for your contribution)!

The entire event was selflessly supported by the Bare Burn Leadership Team and I have to thank everyone for being responsible and engaged during the event.

It was a magical place free from judgment and filled with connection and love.

On my part, I could feel my friendships deepening and becoming fuller and stronger.

I hope laughter flowed as freely as all the wine we were drinking and that everyone who attended felt loved and connected.

Because what I think the Bare Burn is all about is community.



And love.

I certainly experienced all of it in spades this weekend.

As did everyone else, I hope.

Coke jokes

I might have let it slip among my friends at the Bare Burn that I nicknamed my friend “Coke Can Dan.”

I might have said, “I call him Coke Can Dan” but his real name is John so you better not call him Dan.

And they were good about it.

They never called him Dan.

But there we were at the Bare Burn, and literally all my friends were making Coke jokes.

Honestly, it didn’t bother Coke Can Dan.

He’s used to be heralded at parties and the like by women, much like myself, who can’t seem to keep their mouth shut about getting STUFFED!

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like, to have an appendage so big it needs its own zip code.

When lubrication isn’t a suggestion but a NECESSITY.

I joked with Coke Can Dan and told him that my lady parts could comfortably accommodate something half the size of his parts.

And in a way, that’s true.

When it comes to sparkling beverages, I’m more of a Red Bull kind of gal than a Coke Can kind of gal.

Of course, I’m being converted.

You all may get a giggle out of this post and wonder, silently, if I’m walking all right or if I have to step gingerly.

The answer is I can walk just fine, but I’d probably benefit from sitting on an ice pack.


To be honest, I’m a little bit out of it right now.

It probably has something to do with a little bit of sleep deprivation, drinking, and frolicking with friends at the Bare Burn.

It could also have something to do with all the WORK that went into producing the event.

I didn’t get home from the Bare Burn until 10:30 pm Sunday night.

Lupin, if you haven’t been there, is on a steep hill and so I spent the ENTIRE weekend going up and down and up and down the hill.

By the end of the weekend, I was ALMOST used to it.

But today, there is this soreness that has settled into my legs and I realize that what I did all weekend long going up and down the hill is a lot like doing a million squats.

Hopefully my ass looks nice and perky from all the exercise.

In case you were wondering, I did get to spend some time relaxing at the pool and socializing with friends, it wasn’t ALL work.

I also managed to squeeze in some mattress dancing with my friend Coke Can Dan.

It was nice having him there because apart from the OBVIOUS reason, his presence reminded me to find time to chill, explore, and relax.

I’m not sure I would’ve relaxed as much without him there.

If you must know, more than my leg muscles are sore.

I should be walking like a bow legged cowboy.

And I sort of need to sit on a ice pack ALL DAY LONG to recover from the vigorous entertainment he provided.

Despite all these sore muscles however, rest assured that there is a BIG smile on my face.