I have a SLIGHT obsession with bees.

I remember as a child going out in the backyard and seeing bees all over the flowering bushes.

Nowadays the only time I see a bee is when they’re lying on the ground dead or near death.

I have a strong hankering to start my own little bee farm and I’ve noticed several of my friends on Facebook have started bee houses in their yards.

I even dated someone who was a beekeeper but never got around to picking his brain and starting my own colony.

I did get a jar of fresh local honey from him though, and it is GLORIOUS!

This is all just a segue to say that I fell hard and fast for a pair of BIG FUCKING BEE EARRINGS.

I found them on etsy and I love them!

I also discovered this stained-glass raven necklace which I love as well:

It reminds me of a friend who rehabilitated a raven with a broken wing only to discover how smart and loyal a bird it was.

I’m going through a bit of a wild animal phase right now and wondering how I can tap into it for another costume project.

I know Burning Man is going virtual this year but costume planning is a year-round activity for me.

It also helps me to cope with the strain of the coronavirus.

And I’ll take relief any way I can get it.