My Fair Lady inspo

I wrote not one, but TWO posts about Eliza Doolittle (HERE and HERE).

This is because I am a HUGE fan of My Fair Lady.

My parents loved it and made me watch it over and over again when I was growing up.

So when a friend announced she is throwing a party in January with a Black/White theme, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to pull together to wear to the party.


A custom made Royal Ascot dress is too steep for my blood, costing around $1,000 on etsy:

So I’m just going to go for a dramatic white dress instead of something custom made.

This dress from Amazon will work just fine (high neck, long sleeve, mermaid-ish silhouette):

There are three hats to choose from and honestly, I’m going to go with the last hat because it’s the least expensive:

Of course I will need to accessorize the dress with a black and white striped belt and matching bow for the shoulder.

These should do nicely:

And there you have it, my ensemble for a Black and White Themed Party!


New outfit alert!

I’m going to an event where the theme is Bacchanalia.

Well, I’m not only GOING to the event, I’m helping to PRODUCE it.

It’s not until July, so I have a little time to work on my Bacchanalia costume.

It’s a little known fact that not everyone likes my playa name, Bombshell.

I was given that name by Tejas and it just stuck so I accepted it.

But a close friend of mine SWEARS that my playa name should be Goddess and so that’s what she calls me.

So you can imagine, I expect she’ll get a thrill when I actually dress the part.

I picked out a standard white maxi dress to wear:

Then I selected a crown worthy of Bacchus himself.

I think the two will be lovely together.

Add accessories – sandals, necklace, belt, and bracelets.

And voila!

We have an outfit.

Just to be complete, I threw in a faux fur white cape.

Now, the trick is going to be not being so busy with the event that I miss out on wearing my new outfit!

And of course, not repeating what happened to me the last time I wore a white goddess dress (I sprayed myself from head to toe with grape soda!).

Steampunk Costume: The accessories

So of course with Steampunk costumes, the devil is in the details so I am working hard trying to add a few details to my costume.

To begin with there’s the hat, which I somehow must adorn with bits and bobs in order to make it look steampunky.

Here are some of the things I’ve gathered to outfit the hat properly.

stean5 steam6
steam4 steam3
steam2 steam1

And here are the necklace and earrings I purchased for the outfit.

steam8 steam9

 Then there are the gloves. Lord knows that wearing gloves is going to bug the daylights out of me, but for the sake of fashion, I can pull them off.


But the real accessory here is the belt I am wearing which I can hang things off of.  Check it out!

steam11 steam12
steam13 steam14

Now I’ve just got to get the accessories to hang off the belt.  I’ve already purchased skeleton keys to make a key ring:

steam10What’s left?  Goggles (of course), maybe a clock, a compass, a mug, etc.

I’m not even going to tell you how much this costume is costing me.  Not with all the custom made etsy parts that are going into it.  Suffice to say that I better wear this for a long, long time coming!