Reason to quit online dating #147

If you’re curious what turned me off to online dating. . .besides over a decade of failure. . . I would point to “Ben.”:

This profile nicely sums up what I hate about online dating:


Surely there’s some misogyny going on here, what with him calling women “slut faces.”

I just realized that I’m no longer surprised when I come across profiles like these and that it’s time to get off dating apps.

I’ll just have to put my efforts elsewhere and not linger too long thinking about how much time I wasted on online dating apps.

I did meet The Swede and Big Joe.

And Nate – all who have become good friends.

So obviously there are some decent people using these apps.

But in my estimation, making three friends over 15 years of online dating doesn’t constitute a great success rate.

Out with the old, in with the new.


Burning Man.


These are all great ways to get out and mingle with good people who aren’t going to call you “slut face” before they’ve even met you.

Photographer or “photographer”

From time to time I run into photographers who ask if they can take my photo.

Are they photographers or “photographers”?

I don’t know.

Take for instance this past weekend.

Ben, who was assisting in my hot air balloon ride, told me I had an Anna Nicole Smith vibe.

It always begs the question. . .

THIS Anna Nicole Smith?

anna nicole smithor HOT MESS Anna Nicole Smith?

anna nicole smithRegardless, I suppose it’s a compliment.

So there I am, getting ready to leave after my hot air balloon ride when I’m approached by Ben.

He tells me he’d like to stay in contact with me.

He’d like to take my picture.

Says he’s a photographer (or “photographer”).

And he thinks I’d look great in black and white.

I should’ve told him about my Boudoir Adventure of 2014.

But no, instead I take his business card (a business card which does not have a link to a professional website, incidentally) and I thank him for his interest.

I think of all the creeps I have fended off over the years who have asked to take my picture.

Ben came off far less creepy and far more genuine than the others.

But I’m still not going to take him up on his offer.

Lately me and photographs have not been friends.