Woot woot Ms. Lark

Well, it’s OFFICIAL!

I’m happy to announce that the illustrious Ms. Rachel Lark will be performing her brilliant, bawdy brand of songs for my birthday.

For my ACTUAL birthday!

I couldn’t be more pleased.

I have seen Rachel perform live in-person two times:

Once at Burning Man.

Once at a private burner party.

Both times I was blown away by her clever lyrics, challenging subjects, humor, and lofty commentary on modern life and relationships.

Although this won’t be in person, it’s the next-best thing and the best gift I can give to all my friends and family who show up to wish me another entertaining spin around the sun!

Share Yourself

I’m going to a birthday party in less than two weeks.

Even though the birthday boy’s birthday is in January, he’s celebrating in September and I’m totally down with that.

September 22 is also the day that I celebrate Douglas, Ruby, Mac, Wendy, Andrew and Zachary – my lost beloveds.

I refuse to be sad remembering them.

So a party is a perfect way to remember them and put a little happiness in the air for them.

It’s an INTERACTIVE birthday party which means that everyone has to bring something to share.

We’re talking more than just food here.

We’re talking musical performances, demos, and more.

I am personally going to a give a demo on my hat making skills.

I’ll take a Chinese military captain’s hat and show how to convert it to a stellar Burning Man captain’s hat complete with rhinestones, ribbon and spikes.

I used to make lots of these hats and sold them for $200 – $250.

The market on etsy is now SATURATED with blinged-out captain’s hats so I’ve retired my business.

But I’m happy to do a demo for those who are interested.

I’m also going to wear my Ashley Graham-inspired dress:

You know which one I’m talking about – the one with the white mesh bodysuit and strappy black bra underneath.

And, of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without one of my captain’s hats to go with it – specifically my silver/black captain’s hat:

image1(1)As far as party ideas go, this one is a REAL WINNER in my book.

It involves more than dressing up and bringing food to share.

You have to share yourself, and that’s the most amazing gift you can give anyone.

Kudos to the Birthday Boy!


bdayEvery year, when my birthday rolls around, my friends and family make it extra special for me.

My oldest son gave me a big hug in the morning and wished me a happy birthday.

My friend Barbara sent me a multicolored bouquet of two dozen roses for my table at home.

My friend Darren took me to lunch in Palo Alto, ordered a pile of small plates for us to enjoy. Then he took me to Watercourse Way for some hot tubbing and relaxing.

Did I mention HE brought me a bouquet of flowers too?

All in all, I had a wonderful day and it was capped off with the Cubs winning the World Series in extra innings.


So many people wrote on my Facebook wall, wishing me a very happy birthday.

I got a little choked up seeing all those well wishes on my wall.

Old high school friends like Debbie, Monica, and Jeanne posted to my wall along with new friends like Jayme, Sidney and Kathleen.

It was so lovely.

I just want to gather everyone in a great big hug with my arms around all of you and give you a nice, long squeeze.

I heard from my birthmom (but not my birthfather, which is par for the course). She sent me a lovely message of love and support. I have hopes that someday he will as well.

A BIG shout out goes to my Castro Valley family who showered me with love and affection. I heart them all!

And finally, my love to everyone who ready my blog “One Lucky Baby” and enjoyed it, especially Ava, Her, and amfeelingright – who paused a minute to post a comment on my blog.

I am truly blessed.

What more could a girl ask for?

I want fire spinning on my birthday!

You would not BELIEVE how fun a burner* birthday party is.

I went to a party this past weekend in Livermore.  Two longtime burners, twins so-to-speak, were sharing a birthday party.

As I lounged in the backyard amid big fluffy kitties and a nice little fire pit, I got to watch some spinners practice their art.

Watermelon poi.  Squirrel poi.  It was a BLAST!

The party was thumping. People were dancing.  I was sure one of the neighbors would call the cops.

But it appears the neighbors were chill with the action because no cops showed up.  I can’t tell you how impressive that is considering that there was live fire dancing in the street.  Woot!

The twins sat down to open presents and since it was an F-word themed party (everything needed to start with the letter f – feather, fur, flowers, etc) our gifts to the birthday girls were things like frou frou, fascinators, and frames.  My favorite present had to be a framed picture of FUCKING FLAMINGOS.  As in flamingos in the act of fucking.  It was AWESOME!

Of course, I brought FLOWERS for the birthday girls and I wore faux fur, feathers, and flip flops.

All in all, it was SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!

But the BEST present of the night?


*And by burner I mean Burning Man burner not 420 burner.  Some people get confused.

Tejas and Twisty’s Gatsby Party

Tejas and Twisty’s Gatsby (aka Roaring 20s) birthday party was a success.  People came and ate and drank and drank.  And danced!

Did I mention there was CAKE?!?!

IMG_8955 IMG_8957
IMG_8958 IMG_8960
IMG_8962 IMG_8964

 P.S.  Tejas, send me a pic of you so I can include it here.  I forgot to get one of you!  Sorry, my bad!

Thanks, here you go!  Tejas and The Ladies:

IMG_9141 IMG_9142


Happy Birthday Tejas!

Tejas turns 56 today! Or something like that.

We are celebrating with a Great Gatsby (The Roaring 20s) party this weekend.

My dress:

IMG_8731My headband:

FullSizeRender(1)And my hair:

gatsby1Great Gatsby (aka flapper) style hair is challenging for long hair since so many of the hairstyles of that time were short bobs, and cropped close to the head.

Women feminized the look by creating soft waves in their hair.

I went online to find out how to give myself finger waves and discovered that IT WAS COMPLICATED.

Way above my hairstyle IQ.

Then I found a post about a WAVING IRON which basically does almost the same thing without all the investment in hair pins and clamps.

So I snapped one up on Amazon Prime.

And it worked!


As my mom said, “Just add some red lipstick, a flapper dress and thigh highs with a Great Gatsby man and you will Charleston the night away.”

I can do something about the lipstick but the man, well that’s another story…


I went to an Oktoberfest themed birthday party thrown by burners, hence the name Oktoburnfest.


IMG_8152 IMG_8153

I love Oktoberfest themed parties because I get to wear my St. Pauli Girl costume, which is smashing on me. And this one not only had an Oktoberfest theme, there was also a Bedouin tent set up in the backyard.

IMG_7884Guests noshed on delicious German food – sausages, potatoes, pretzels, and cabbage. It was quite the festive occasion, with everyone dancing and drinking and having a good time.

I had a great time. In part because halfway through the evening The Hunk joined me for the party.

Tejas claimed it was pictures of me in my costume which brought him out to play.

Whatever made The Hunk decide to join us, it was nice to have him there to chat with and dance with and mix drinks with.

IMG_7899We had a blast.

And in the end, I got a kiss.

Not a bad night, if you ask me.