Say cheese!

My birthday present to myself is actually a present for my family.

Months ago, when Tejas was dating Yvonne, she made a FABULOUS raclette dinner for us.

Raclette is a special cheese from Switzerland/France that becomes super gooey when heated.

It’s very tasty and is served over pickles, boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables, cured meats, etc.

I nearly died and went to heaven when Yvonne made it for us.

Now, I’m going to attempt to make it for my family.

I bought my raclette grill from Amazon for like $120.

I then proceeded to buy meats, cheese, vegetables, and sauces from Whole Foods to the tune of $200.

I know.

I overindulge.

Then I get mad when my boys complain because I put so much effort and money into making a nice meal for the family.

This meal is perfect because while my dad is a vegetarian, he does eat cheeses and I imagine he’ll love eating raclette cheese poured over various pickled green beans, cornichons, potatoes, and grilled vegetables.

I’m hoping the novelty of cooking their own food at the table will encourage my boys to enjoy what is an unusual meal for them.

Considering all the different meats I bought, there should be something that appeals to them – prosciutto, sopressata, calabrese, pepper crusted roast beef, black forest ham, pancetta, mortadella, and more!

And then there’s the sauces: green goddess dressing, carrot-ginger miso dressing, teriyaki sauce, madras curry sauce, lemon basil simmer sauce, and honey mustard.

So cross your fingers and pray that everyone enjoys the meal.

Lord knows I will be disappointed if they don’t.

Hell in a Bucket

Someone special is having a birthday very soon.

It’s just a couple of weeks away.

And so I decided to get him a gift.

You know, to celebrate his birthday and let him know I like him.

I didn’t go overboard this time.

I ‘ll never forget the year I bought my brand new boyfriend an iPad and he freaked out (a little bit) over the extravagance.

This time I bought something small.

Something that fits in a bucket.

In fact, something that IS a bucket.

I got a bucket of hot sauce for my hot sauce lover living in Sweden.

A whole frigging bucket!

You know, in researching hot sauce, I came across some interesting options:

  • Spicy popcorn
  • Labels which seem to question the wisdom of consuming the hot sauce
  • And, hot sauce that comes in phallic shaped bottles

In the end, I chose this bucket.

How many guys can say they got “Hell in a Bucket” from a friend for their birthday?

The Swede can, that’s who!