Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas

I’ve got 10 events in 10 days at work so I’m reposting some old content I find funny.  New content will resume on February 6th.

Reposted from 2017:


I can’t tell you how HAPPY it makes me to embrace my bitterness and frustration and write these posts.

It’s cathartic!

I want to send all my single friends nasty little “VD sux” cards.

I want to wear a TOXIC LOVE sweatshirt to work with bitter little earrings and just wallow in anger and self-pity.

For once, I don’t want to be optimistic and positive and try to see my situation as temporary and enjoyable.

I just want to be mad.

Because on Valentine’s Day, being single SUCKS.

No one loves me.

Boo hoo!

av1The Boyfriend Pillow


av2Black Lollipops

av3Single AF Tank


av4Wine is my Valentine Glasses

av5Anti-VD Necklace


av6Anti-VD Earrings

av7Love is in the Air T-shirt


av8Happy Singles Awareness Day Card
av9Twat heart av10Cupcake Toppers


Shitballs and crusty nuts!

I just realized that the next big holiday coming round the corner ready to brain me with hearts, red/pink flowers, chocolate, and saccharine sentiment is VALENTINE’S DAY.

Oh how I HATE Valentine’s Day!

A whole frigging day devoted to love and reminding me that I am single.

As if I need a reminder.

My whole existence is ONE BIG REMINDER that no one wants me.

Okay, that’s a lie.

Lots of people want me and love me, but no one who regularly climbs into bed with me and does the nasty with me.

When it comes to romantic love, I’m fresh out.

And that’s why I don’t need an entire day to remind me of that.



So, as typical for me, I intend to post my Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts – courtesy of – so that you too can be bitter and angry like me.

Yet entertained.

So here it goes, Round #1 of Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments:

av1Anti-Valentine’s Day Mug


av2Anti-Valentine’s Day Card
av3Broken Robot Heart Plushie


av4Vodka is my Valentine Tank
av5Black Hearted Soap


av6Anti-Valentine’s Day Necklace
av7Toxic Love Sweatshirt


av8Suck it Cupid Banner
av9Lighter Cases av10Anti-Valentine’s Day Fascinator




michelleMen just have it easier

Do I really have to explain myself?

We live in a misogynistic world and it’s so much easier to be a man (and a white man at that), than it is to be a woman.

  • Women give birth.
  • Women are typically tasked with the lion’s share of raising the kids.
  • Women get paid less for the same job that men do.
  • Women are frequently the target of violence.
  • Women are objectified (see target of violence, above).

This is no scientific discourse on women’s rights, though.


It’s about the dinner I was at the other night.

Everyone was SO CONCERNED about the single man in the room. The man who had been single for less than a year.

Was there a peep about me? 10 years single and running?


Who cares? Just another single woman.

I personally think that people PREFER me that way.

  • I date men then get ghosted.
  • I get invited to be the third wheel in a threesome.
  • Married men propose wicked things to me.

Everyone is willing to take, but no one is willing to give back.

Basically, what I’m saying is what I’ve been trying to ignore for the past decade. . . THERE ARE A LOT OF SHITTY MEN OUT THERE AND THEY’RE ALL MEETING ME.

I know. This goes against my optimistic outlook on life.

I hate to think I’m bitter.

But after that dinner, I think it’s safe to admit that I am.

Bitter, that is.

And angry.

And frustrated.

And DEFINITELY not in a good place.