Ace Ventura Costume

I’d like to dedicate this costume to my friend Jon who so closely resembles the character Ace Ventura from Ace Ventura Pet Detective that I believe he’s worn the costume several times to great success.

I’ll never forget seeing Ace Ventura Pet Detective with my friends way back in the 1990s.

It looked like such a stupid film I refused to pay to see it so a friend had to PAY FOR MY TICKET.

He was convinced that I would love the movie.

Of course I wound up loving the movie and the rest as they say is history.

Here’s my Ace Ventura, Pet Detective costume:

  1. Ace Ventura wig – $14.99 – $24.73
  2. Men’s white tank top – $7.00 – $17.13
  3. Hawaiian shirt – $9.27 – $30.90
  4. Black and red striped pants – $26.95 – $32.95 (tuck bell bottoms into boots)
  5. Stuffed parrot – $11.99
  6. Men’s black belt – $12.92
  7. Men’s black boots – $45.99

Swedish boots

Now that I’m going to Sweden, I find myself in an unusual predicament.

I need to buy ANOTHER pair of black boots.

But not platform playa boots this time.


I need to get warm, winter boots that will keep my feet toasty in the frigid Swedish weather.


What a shame.

I have to shop for shoes.



So I found a few options.


All of which I like and which also look fuzzy and warm.

My final selection?


I imagine it’ll look nice with my new black faux fur puffy jacket.

I HOPE they’ll keep me warm.

Because a cold Michelle is a cranky Michelle.

Then again, warming me up could be kinda fun. . .


I’m working on a new Burning Man outfit, loosely inspired by THIS image:

I LOVE the large, colorful graphic sphinx swimsuit and literally SCOURED THE INTERNET looking for a similar lion swimsuit.

This was as close as I came, but sadly was years old and therefore sold out in all sizes.

I happened upon several swimsuits on but we’ve already established how well Chinese clothes fit me (not at all).

So I was THRILLED when I finally stumbled across THIS lovely and colorful swimsuit on Poshmark in my size.

Throw on a pair of fishnet tights and my lovely black boots:

And you ALMOST have a completed look.

It needs something on top.

I’m thinking, given all the colors in the suit, that a flower crown will look nice and jungle appropriate out there on the playa:

And voilà!

One lion outfit done and ready to go to Burning Man.

P.S. Don’t forget, the WHOLE reason I am working with swimsuits is that I am trying to minimize my packing while maximizing clothing options.

If I can work up the courage to wear these outfits on the playa.

We shall see. . .

Black Burner Bunny

I like the idea of wearing bathing suits, onesies, and jumpsuits at Burning Man.

Spandex packs down so compact!

I got inspired when I spotted THIS picture on Instagram:

Sort of a den of little black bunnies, only not EXACTLY playa ready.

Remove the OTK black boots, add some shit stompers covered in playa dust and a pair of black fishnet tights.

Ditch the pleather mini dresses and add one plunging black bathing suit and you’ve got something more like what I’d imagine a black bunny would look like on the playa.

Then I came across THIS photo and I thought, “YAS! This is exactly what I need to add to the outfit. My harness!”

I brought it with me to Burning Man last year but never wore it.

And maybe, just maybe, I will wear my freaky spiked black leather collar.

I love it but when I wear it I can’t hug people because it pokes them.

Sad face!

Ringleader costume

Just a little costume I whipped up for Burning Man 2015:  A Carnival of Mirrors…

costume4 costume5

I’ll be a wild and crazy ringleader / lion tamer….

Any suggestions or tips on costumes?


A few last minute additions:

A mirror ball bra –

mirror braA bull whip!

whip2And a riding crop –

whipWild, huh?  Should make for a great costume!