Ashley Graham inspo

I have this new obsession with Ashley Graham.

She’s a plus-size model, one of the first to appear in Sports Illustrated.

There’s this picture of her that I absolutely ADORE:

Not only is her hair and makeup totally on point, but the OUTFIT is killer!

I could rock something like that.

So why not?

The body con black sleeveless midi dress by Fashion Nova ($19.99):

The white longsleeve plunge mesh bodysuit (30 GBP):

And, of course, the GORGEOUS eye-catching strappy black bra at Venus Swimwear ($39):

Think I could pull it off?

Well, call me a pancake and flip me over, I sure as hell think so.

Just add a pair of sky high black heels and some red lipstick and I’m ready to go!

Do I have horrible taste in lingerie?

My cousin Jennifer would probably say yes but that’s because she worships at the shrine of tiny and the altar of pink  whereas I am all about the black and the sinister.

But I finally bought something she might like.  I need something bright and cheery for my boudoir photoshoot aside from the lingerie I already bought.  Check out the new stuff….

new lingerieYou can see Jennifer’s influence in the top selection of lingerie and mine in the bottom selection.

Basically, I’m just going to keep trying on lingerie until I hit on the right combination.  So far, the winners are:

Red bustier

Red bustier

Black chemise

Black chemise

Men's shirt outfit

Men’s shirt outfit