Rude Boys

A ton of stuff is going on, but none of it is blogworthy.

I mean, there was the guy who sent me a video clip of him in slow motion slapping some chick’s ass.

Yeah, so there’s that.

Then there’s the guy I had to block on Facebook for being downright mean to me.

He’s the second person I’ve blocked.


The first guy I blocked what a friend of a friend who I’d never actually met but since we had a friend in common I approved the add.

He promptly sent me a message asking me when the last time I had sex.


I mean seriously, what is it about me that INVITES that kind of conversation?


That’s just a rude boy!

The second guy I blocked was a mutual friend of the common friend.

I guess amnesia set in because I thought, what the hell, I’ll try again.

Instantly, I was peppered with questions about my feet.

When I told him that wasn’t my thing and did nothing for me, he sent me a nasty message.

Obviously my feet must look OLD if I’m not willing to share a picture of them over the internet (to a virtual stranger with a foot fetish, I might add).


And now I know.

Do not approve anyone as a friend who you haven’t met in person, regardless of how many mutual friends you might have.

I say this a little tongue in cheek, because as you know Rude Boys make blogging gold.

I honestly couldn’t dream up some of the things that have been suggested to me.

But seriously, once, just once, I’d like to write a blog post about a man who was thougful and kind to me instead of the opposite.

One can only hope. . .

When this becomes the F*CKING RULE

Periodically, I clean out my phone of old text messages.

Yesterday, I came across an old text message from a man I nicknamed “DR. BLOCKHEAD.”

And when I looked at why I blocked him, it was too good to not share on my blog.

DR. BLOCKHEAD (who claimed to be an ER doctor) and I had been texting for about 10 minutes when my son asked me to go swimming with him.

So I told DR. BLOCKHEAD that I was going swimming.

And then THIS happened:


Just so you know, my ENTIRE profile (you can read it HERE) deals with this type of scenario – a guy trying to sexualize a woman way too soon.

Here it wasn’t even our first date.

I should’ve known something was off when he accused me of being an opiate addict.

He said my pupils in one of my photos were very constricted.



I literally couldn’t stomach this man who appeared to be doing everything he could to insult, offend, and sexualize me.

So, I BLOCKED him!

I’m sure by blocking him, I avoided subjecting myself to a slew of misogynist rants, sexual insults, and all-around general nastiness.

All things I’m willing to stay BLISFULLY unaware of.

But just so you know, DR. BLOCKHEAD isn’t the exception to the rule when it comes to the kind of men I meet.