Alice in Wonderland

Once upon a time, I created a Little Bo Peep costume for a Halloween party:

So when I set about creating an Alice in Wonderland costume, I first thought of my light blue corset which I could pair with a light blue tutu to make an Alice dress.

Then I changed my mind and thought a 50’s style light blue short sleeve tea length dress would be better than a corset and a tutu (and a lot more comfortable).

Here’s my Alice in Wonderland costume:

1.   Black bow hairband – $7.99

2.  Blond wig with bangs – $21.99

3.  Blue short sleeve dress  – $32.00 – $36.99

4.  White tights – $9.99

5.  White retro apron – $14.99

6.  White petticoat – $14.99

7.  Drink Me potion necklace – $11.99

8.  Black Mary Jane shoes – $99.90 – $241.22



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