Feeling BLUE

I decided to revisit my electric blue velvet jumpsuit.

Instead of adding a blue fascinator, as I was planning on doing, I’ve opted to wear the jumpsuit with a blue fedora adorned with a pearl ribbon.

I think it makes for a much edgier outfit and I like the way the hat screams “I’m in charge.”

Of course this means I can finally accessorize and I’ve decided to go with a multi=strand pearl choker.

I don’t yet have earrings but I imagine and pearl earrings will do.

I did finally buy a pair of shoes to wear (which I HOPE aren’t too painful to wear).

And for a final touch, the purse:

And there you have it.

Now I just need an excuse to wear it!

Velvet dresses

In the last month, I’ve purchased three velvet outfits.

An electric blue velvet jumpsuit:

A canary yellow short-sleeve velvet dress.

And this stunning pink sleeveless velvet dress:

My inspiration for the pink dress came from Instagram:

That’s right, I took one look at that photo and said to myself, maybe I can wear a similar dress and look beautiful, like the model.

Of course what looks truly outstanding in the photo is her cleavage.

I’m not sure why all of a sudden I have a hankering to wear pink.

Between my new pink velvet dress and the backup I bought just in case the first one doesn’t work out, AND the strawberry dress, I have pink coming out the wazoo!

Feeling blue

What’s a woman to do when she purchases a royal blue off-the-shoulder velvet jumpsuit?

Why wear it, of course!

But first – ACCESSORIZE!

I first bought this stunning blue jumpsuit from Rebdolls because I fell in love with the vibrant color and the cheeky style.

Then I got this gorgeous royal blue fascinator, to go with the blue theme.

Of course, no outfit is complete without the shoes and so far I’m trying to decide between these three pairs of shoes:

As far as jewelry goes, I’m leaning towards some sleek silver drops and a delicate matching necklace.

But for my lipstick, it’s ALL NEON PINK:

Blue Velvet

I spontaneously bought a royal blue stretch velvet jumpsuit.

Yes, I did.

Why, you ask?

Because it looked beautiful on the internet and I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.

For a moment.

Long enough for me to pull out my pocketbook, size myself up, and PURCHASE the jumpsuit.

No, I’m not having Elvis fantasies.

Though could you blame me for wanting to play Ann Margaret to his Elvis Presley?

Can you blame a girl for falling in love?

It’s looks divine.

I either have the WORST taste in clothes, or I’m one stylish bitch!