A Moment of Silence

Well, I said I would report back on the boob tape and here is my assessment:

If you have larger than a C cup, I do not advise wearing boob tape or adhesive bras.

They simply don’t work that well.

That said, I WAS able to get a combination of bunny ear adhesive bras and boob tape to work.

Gratuitous shot of my cleavage.

But I had to pile so much tape on my chest and over my shoulders that I looked like a mummy all wrapped in bandages.

There is no trick to getting boob tape to work, you simply need to use A LOT OF IT.

It’s an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.


Now, were someone to make those bunny ear adhesive bras such that they wrap over your chest and down the back of your shoulders, that MIGHT be enough to hold larger breasts in place, but the short little ones don’t work very well at all.

I did pull the boob tape off in front of a friend, just to get a little sympathy for what turned out to be a MAJOR PAIN IN MY ASS.

All that tape I put on had to come off and it was reluctant to do so without inflicting an incredible amount of pain.

Try waxing your nipples and see how you feel.


Bunny Ear Adhesive “Nipple Covers”– $5.00
Boob Tape – $9.00
Fashion Nova Mustard Dress – $54.99


A few weeks ago, I bought this dress from Fashion Nova:

I happen to love it and think it makes a perfect fall dress.

Well, two things – one, it’s super long. Like so long I had to hem it a good 8-12 inches, so that it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

And two, you can’t wear a bra with this dress due to the plunging neckline in front AND in back.

So yesterday, I hopped online and I bought a bunch of adhesive bras.

Yes, I am going to attempt to use adhesive to tame my size G kittens.

Who knows if it’ll work or not.

First, I bought your classic boob tape:

Then I got some special “lifting” adhesive bras, just in case the engineering of a bra using tape is beyond my capacity:

And finally, I bought some of those cute bunny eared adhesive bras because YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO WORK:

In reality, it’ll probably take a combination of these three items to actually secure my breasts in their proper place while wearing this dress.

For inspiration, I’m looking at this pic of Kim Kardashian:

Kim’s got some serious cleavage too and she got the tape to work for her (of course, she’s using duct tape), so I am hopeful that I will have similar results.

Wish me luck!