Planning a surprise

Planning for Burning Man took me 6 months.

I packed.  And I repacked.

I asked questions every day.

And through it all, my mentor Tejas took care of me.  Patiently answering all my silly and not-so-silly questions, pointing out important things like Ash Is MOOP, and in general being a great mentor to me.

So I had to get him a great present for all the time and effort he poured into me, his Burgin (a combination of Burner and Virgin).

Thank you Tejas for giving me the gift of your time and energy.  I know it wasn’t always easy but you have to know I love you for it.

And this is what I got you – arguably the best Burning Man coffee table book out there (via Boing Boing)

book1I hope you enjoy it and I know as soon as you get a coffee table, this will be on it.

Love you tons!